#SKINCLUSION with Priyanka Chopra Jonas

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Be conscious

Be fearless

Be beautiful

These are the words of actress and activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas in her new role as ambassador for Obagi’s SKINCLUSION initiative. The initiative’s aim is to celebrate diversity and inclusion around the globe, opening up a dialogue about how we can all make conscious choices to see the beauty in our differences.

For the last twenty years of her career, Priyanka has been dedicated to fighting for inclusion and diversity and believes in supporting brands that align with her values. She states that: “Recognising our own bias allows us to challenge it, overcome it, and ultimately, create a world where diversity is celebrated.”

Obagi has been developing products for all skin tones for the last thirty years using the Fitzpatrick Scale. Jaime Castle, Obagi President, is committed to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace:

“We’re proud of Obagi’s thirty-year legacy of providing effective, science-based skin care products for all skin tones and that we were the first professional skin care company to specifically design clinical research protocols to include all six Fitzpatrick skin types. We’re also so proud to partner with Priyanka, who has brought an amazing level of passion and integrity to this initiative, and to support the significant work being done by the International Cultural Diversity Organization and Project Implicit.”



Obagi has developed the SKINCULSION initiative to be fully inclusive, but also to help people recognise their own unconscious bias, which can cause “blind spots” that prevent us from seeing the beautiful humanity we all share.

From its culture to its product development, Obagi has always supported groups who work to expand diversity and inclusion efforts around the world, including the International Cultural Diversity Organisation (ICDO) and Project Implicit.

Everyone can join in the global dialogue by using the #SKINCULSION on their social channels to share why diversity and inclusion is important to them. For every social action taken using #SKINCLUSION, Obagi will donate $1 to support the ICDO and Project Implicit, with a maximum donation of $150,000.

You can also watch, like and share Priyanka’s SKINCLUSION video to help spread the word.



Fitzpatrick Skin Spectrum

The Fitzpatrick Scale was developed in 1975 by Harvard dermatologist Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, to categorise skin into six different types or tones based on its response to the sun or ultraviolet light.

Dermatologists use the scale to determine the right kind of treatments for their patients. It is used by Obagi to develop their products, so they are designed for all six skin types and not just for one particular skin type.

Skin type I – Skin colour: light, ivory skin. When exposed to sun, skin always freckles, burns and peels, never tans.

Skin type II – Skin colour: fair or pale. Usually freckles, burns and peels often, rarely tans.

Skin type III – Skin colour: fair to beige, with golden undertones. Skin might freckle, burns on occasion and sometimes tans.

Skin type IV – Skin colour: olive or light brown. Doesn’t really freckle, burns rarely and tans often.

Skin type V – Skin colour: Dark brown. Rarely freckles, almost never burns and always tans.

Skin type VI – Skin colour: Deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown. Never freckles, never burns and always tans darkly.

“I found out that I’m skin type IV and learned about what Obagi products were right for me. I also learned that even though my skin is darker, I still need to use sunscreen to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun. In fact, everyone regardless of skin tone, should wear sunscreen every day. I’ve been using Obagi’s Professional-C line of products, including an awesome sunscreen infused with Vitamin C, which literally protects and brightens my skin at the same time. It’s great to know that I am using products that are scientifically proven to work and made by a company that supports my values.”

- Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias refers to the attitudes and stereotypes that are largely unintentional, automatic and outside of our awareness. They can be influenced by an individual’s background, cultural environment and personal experiences. These biases can often be at odds with a person’s own perceptions of themselves and their values and standards.

These unconscious biases can affect how we perceive people with certain skin tones. Extensive research by leading behavioural scientists has demonstrated the role this bias plays in our lives, including hiring practices and physician-patient interactions.

You can learn more about your own bias by taking Project Implicit’s Skin Tone Implicit Association Test.


Obagi at Skinstation

At Skinstation, we are incredibly proud to stock Obagi products. Obagi sets a high bar for clinically demonstrated results with proven, science-based skincare products that have been trusted worldwide by physicians for more than thirty years. Obagi is a brand that believes that protecting and nourishing skin depends on developing a skincare regimen that chooses products that are highly effective, clinically proven and right for your skin tone, age and specific skincare needs.

“We strive to understand the skin care needs of the people we serve across all skin tones and exceed their expectations every day.”

- Jamie Castle, Obagi President


At Skinstation, we provide an extensive range of Obagi skincare products from individual skincare products to full Obagi skincare systems. If you have any questions regarding Obagi skincare treatments or products, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our experts will be on hand to offer you advice and guidance.

Latest update: 20/09/2019
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