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Keloid scars differ from other scars because they don’t stop growing. A scar typically forms when the skin is broken by a cut, a burn, a scratch, or anything that damages the skin. The protein collagen is produced in more quantities around the injury to help seal up the wound. The scar that results from the healing process typically fades over time.

With keloids, however, the healing process is different. The scar doesn’t stop growing, becoming bigger than the wound and occupying healthy skin. Keloids are more common in areas such as the head (particularly the earlobes), neck, shoulders, and upper chest.

These scars are usually raised above the skin, and their colour gradually turns pale from its original red or purple. They are hairless and shiny, and can form months or years after you are injured. Although normally painless, keloids can be tender to touch, cause a burning sensation, be itchy, or limit mobility when over a joint.

How Can I Minimise the Appearance of Keloids?

If you are prone to having keloids you can’t, unfortunately, prevent their appearance. Minimising deliberate injuries to your skin, such as piercings and tattoos, helps to reduce keloid formation. Although more common on dark skin, anyone can get keloids and some think keloids are hereditary, and younger people between 10 and 30 years old have a higher chance of developing them.

Kelo-cote, Treatment for Keloids and Scars

Keloids can impact your confidence, especially if they are on a highly visible area like your face. Kelo-cote is repair gel that you can place on your skin and know will help reduce the appearance of your keloid scars. As it uses silicone as a main ingredient, it’s highly effective and recommended by dermatologists.

Whether your scars are old or new, Kelo-cote works effectively to minimise its appearance. It’s a self-drying and transparent silicone gel that prevents excessive or abnormal scar formation. Kelo-cote is clinically proven to aid in itchiness, elevation of the scar, hardness, and pain.

Drying quickly within minutes, it forms a breathable, flexible, and waterproof coat over the scarred area. It binds with the outer layer of your skin and it protects the tissue under it from microorganisms and the environment. Kelo-cote guarantees the best healing process possible to reduce and minimise any scarring. After drying, it can be used under makeup.

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