Stressed Out Skin: 4 Ways That Stress Affects The Skin

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We all know what it feels like when experiencing stress. The heart beats faster, you might start to sweat, and you get that sickly anxious feeling. You may also have trouble sleeping – stress can often keep people awake at night.

However, did you know that stress can also have some negative effects on your appearance? It can also cause you some frustrating skin problems.

So what problems can stress cause for the skin?

Spot Break-Outs

Have you ever noticed that you always seem to suffer with an outbreak of spots when you’re nervous or anxious about something happening? Whether it’s before a huge meeting at work, or before a deadline at university, spots are one of the first signs of stress. This is because your body products more hormones when feeling stressed, such as cortisol. It’s hormones like this that cause excess oil – which in return cause more spots.

Dark Circles under the Eyes

Dark circles or ‘bags’ under the eyes are a common symptom of stress. This is something that occurs when your body isn’t getting enough sleep at night. As we said earlier, lack of sleep is one of the consequences of stress – people lie awake worrying instead of sleeping.

Fluid pools underneath the lower eyelid – causing the puffy look that is evident in a lot of people who get the minimum amount of rest.

A Rash

Stress can bring about the appearance of rash or hives on the skin – swollen red and itchy bumps. Hives are often caused by an immune response, because of factors such as exercise, heat and stress.

Your epidermal skin cells are positioned on top of each other, which forms a barrier to keep out nasty bacteria. When you’re feeling stressed, this protective layer of skin becomes impaired – allowing in the bacteria and therefore causing itchy rashes.

Lines on the Skin

Certain facial expressions can leave lines and marks on the skin – especially when you frown. A lot of the time, people don’t even realise that they are frowning.

Stress can cause a lot of negative thoughts and emotions – it’s hard to force a smile when experiencing stress.  This is when lines on the skin become more evident. The main cause of this is due to dryness and dehydration – these are the reasons behind why deep lines appear.

Constant facial muscle tension can also lead to permanent wrinkling of the skin.


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Latest update: 11/11/2019
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