Summer & Winter: What Are The Differences to Your Skin?

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Here at Skinstation, we know just how wonderful it feels when your skin looks and feels its best. But all too often, the effects of everyday living can take their toll. For example, the changing seasons can have a real impact - for good and for worse! We decided to take a closer look:

Summer Skin

There is something undeniably lovely about the thought of glowing, tanned summer skin... but of course, today's savvy skin-carers will ensure that the only tan they are rocking is of the fake variety!

Tanned or burnt skin is the sign of sun damage, and it's essential to wear high-protection broad-UV sunscreen to avoid premature ageing and skin cancers. Aim for SPF 30 in the brighter months and reapply regularly.

Remember to drink lots of water in hot water as you'll dehydrate faster, and keep an eye on alcoholic drinks during the summer holidays as they can leave you with very unhappy dry skin if you over-indulge!

Make-up and product-wise, the best route to take is simplicity in this season - lighter formulations in layers, rather than heavy applications that clog your pores. You'll have a lovely glow from the warm weather anyway, so celebrate it!

Winter Skin

Our poor skin can struggle in winter due to the variations in temperature. One minute we're freezing outside and the next we're baking next to the radiator indoors! Focus on treating your skin gently.

Drink plenty of water to hydrate and eat nourishing food with plenty of anti-oxidants and beneficial oils; nuts, oily fish, green vegetables and berries are all great choices. Try organic beauty products which will be extra gentle on your skin and choose richer formulations if your skin feels dry, rather than plastering on thicker layers.

As this is a time of year in which you're likely to wear more make-up, invest in a really thorough cleansing regime. Micellar water will remove make-up and an oil-based cleanser will work its magic, without stripping the skin. Use a gentle toner and a serum alongside your usual moisturiser. Try moisturising face masks too, as a weekly treat.

With love and care, combined with the right skincare regime, your skin will look beautiful, no matter what season!

To find out more about how to best care for your skin throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Latest update: 14/09/2017
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