The Acne Solution

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Acne isn’t a brand new problem in fact it’s a persistent problem that affects most people at some stage in their life. Many people think that acne is primarily a teenage problem, it isn’t, it can actually affect men and women of any age, throughout their lifetime.

What Causes Acne?

When the miniscule holes known as the hair follicles become blocked, acne is caused. Attached to the hair follicles are sebaceous glands that occur near to the surface of the skin. The purpose of these glands is to lubricate the hair by producing a substance called Sebum; this prevents the skin from drying out. Acne happens when the glands produce too much Sebum, the excess sebum mixes with dead skin cells and both substances form a plug in the follicle.

It is common to experience acne as a teenager this is because of the significant hormonal changes within the body. Pregnancy, menopause and hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can lead to outbreaks of acne in women.  There is a myth that poor diet, poor hygiene and sexual activity cause acne, however there is no evidence to support this.

It is a fact that acne can really damage a person’s confidence especially if it is experienced as a teenager.  There isn’t a quick cure to instantly rid a person of acne, there are treatments that can help to clear it and prevent it from occurring.

Introducing Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. – a New Solution to Acne

Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. is a prescription-strength acne therapeutic system. This revolutionary acne treatment is clinically proven to provide visibly clearer skin in as little as 2 weeks. It is the only treatment system to contain a liquid form of benzoyl peroxide. The best way to start your acne cleansing therapy is with the Obagi Clenziderm MD Acne Therapeutic System (Starter pack) for Normal to Dry Skin.

Contents Included:

  • Daily Care Cream Cleanse – the first step, a non-soap cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil.
  • Therapeutic Lotion – a formulated gel that penetrates deep into the skin to prevent breakouts from occurring.
  • Therapeutic Moisturiser – A non-comedogneic, glycerine-rich moisturiser formulated to calm, sooth and ultimately protect the skin. 1% Dimethicone provides a breathable barrier to soothe and protect skin. 20% Glycerin hydrates to provide a skin barrier against loss of moisture.

This easy 3 step system is specially formulated to work together to clear acne. Acne affected skin will look clearer and remain healthier with regular use. The products included are also available individually from Skinstation.  There isn’t a guarantee that one product will work for everyone, but there’s no harm in trying. Don’t worry about acne, take action against it!

Acne isn’t a problem that can be cured over night, but regular use of specially formulated products can ensure that your skin remains clear and healthy. If the problem does persist you should to visit your doctor.

Latest update: 31/10/2019
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