The Benefits of Restorative Eye Gel

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As we age, one area that we need to take particular care over is the skin around our eyes. Unlike the skin covering our cheeks and forehead which is resilient and durable, the skin around our eyes is significantly thinner. It is also not supported by as much subcutaneous fat than the rest of our face, meaning that it does not have the springy suppleness of our cheeks – if the skin around our eyes begins to sag even a little, its lack of elasticity make it much more obvious than anywhere else on our faces.

The two most obvious symptoms of aging eyes are:

Bags: The thin skin around the eyes loses its elasticity and fluid settles under the skin, resulting in the discolouring and sagging of the skin directly under the eyes.

Crow’s feet: Some call them ‘laughter lines’ but it’s no laughing matter! Tiny creases and wrinkles appear around the eyes, adding to the ‘tired’ look.

Because your eyes are the main feature of your face, and the first thing people look at when registering who you are, if the eyes look old, the rest of the face inevitably looks old as well. That’s why if you’re going to make any changes to reduce the signs of aging, make them to your eyes!

One option is surgery, but this isn’t suited to everyone. There are a wide range of derma fillers and botox products such as Restylaneor Juvederm that can be injected into the skin around the eyes. It’s relatively pain-free and is very quick, beating the long process of surgery. However, another option is restorative eye gel. Coming either as a roll-on stick or as a simple gel, you apply it regularly and it works to gradually reduce the signs of aging by building the collagen around your eyes, making the skin look rejuvenated and youthful. One such gel is Obagi’s ELASTIderm gel, which uses a bi-mineral called Copper Zinc Malonate. Designed for those with normal to oily skin, it helps restore your eyes to their younger selves, and before long you’ll be feeling as youthful and fresh as your eyes will look!

Latest update: 31/10/2019
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