The Best Foods For Healthy Skin

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It’s a common saying that you are what you eat. We’ve previously talked about the health benefits of green tea, but this superdrink is not the only thing that can benefit your skin. There are many different foods that can hugely contribute to healthier-looking, and feeling, skin, which means you can get relief against dry, itchy skin, for instance.


This grain is packed with protein and isn’t just known for its versatility in the kitchen – in fact, quinoa has a high level of riboflavin, a substance that can help your skin be healthier, since it boosts elasticity and improves the production of connective tissue. This fact is perhaps the most important thing about riboflavin, because it means it can help your skin look more toned and, consequently, smoother and younger-looking!


This delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants, which protect the skin against premature aging. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice because of this, and a fantastic way of enjoying these berries is by adding half a cup to your yogurt or cereal every day!

Chia Seeds

Sprinkled in a smoothie or just eaten as a snack, these seeds are always tasty – and healthy. They have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, and can also hydrate you and make your skin glow. Chia seeds are typically consumed for their anti-inflammatory properties as well and, on top of this, they’re rich in B2, B3 and zinc, which have anti-aging benefits.

Bell Peppers

No matter the colour – red, yellow, orange or green – bell peppers are great for your skin because they have a lot of vitamin C and collagen, amazing ingredients for healthier hair and skin. Add a few slices of this vegetable to your salad, bake them in the oven or stir fry them, and you’ll always find that they remain full of flavour!


Not everyone is a fan of this flowering plant, but the truth is that everyone can hugely benefit from what they have to offer. Rich in Vitamin K, A, B2, C and folic acid, as well as beta-carotene, manganese, iron, magnesium, spinach truly packs a punch. All of these help protect your skin against UV rays, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and start using spinach in your salad or soup.

Dark Chocolate

This type of chocolate may not seem like a healthy ingredient at a first glance, but in reality it can help your skin stay hydrated. Its high levels of flavanols can also protect your skin against sun damage.

Maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals can influence the way your skin looks, but it may not be enough, especially if you feel like your skin is damaged or extremely dry. A daily routine with high quality skin products, such as our Obagi Nu Derm Skincare range, can help your skin retain its vitality and health, so talk to us if you wish to learn more about how we can help! 

Latest update: 31/10/2019
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