The Dry Skin Survival Guide

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Dry skin can be an uncomfortable and frustrating condition. It can be caused by environmental factors, such as using the wrong toiletries that contain harsh chemicals, or you could simply have been exposed to too much sun or cold winds. Sometimes, dry skin is due to genetics; some people naturally produce a lot more sebum than others, or you could have a condition such as eczema. By avoiding things that can dry out your skin, such as steamy showers, alkaline soap and too much exfoliation, and using high quality medicated products you can help your skin back to a smoother condition. Below, we highlight the essential Obagi products that are especially formulated to nourish dry skin.

1) Use only gentle cleansers
In order to keep the PH of your skin neutral, you should avoid bars of soap when washing, as these are usually alkaline which can dry your skin out further. Use a gentle cleanser that contains ceramides and glycerine, as these both help the skin hold in moisture. The Obagi NU-Derm Gentle Cleanser is specifically formulated to be gentle on the skin, and removes impurities whilst also encouraging cell growth and elastin production; which helps keep skin hydrated and supple.

2) Make sure you tone

Once you have cleansed the skin and made sure that make-up, dirt and impurities are washed away, you should tone the skin. This process does three things: it gently exfoliates the skin surface, detaching dead skins cells to reveal new skin, it restores the natural PH of the skin and it tightens the pores, making sure that they don’t become clogged. We recommend Obagi Nu-Derm Toner, which acts as a very gentle exfoliant but isn’t as harsh has those that contain crystals, so it won’t over-dry your skin.

3) Use plenty of moisturiser

Once you have cleansed the skin, banished impurities and toned in order to keep your skin smooth and sculpted, you should moisturise to lock in the skin’s natural moisture, and also add some through gentle, natural ingredients. Obagi Hydrate contains unique Hydromanil technology which locks in moisture for all day protection. This gentle formula also contains other natural ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter and avocado oil to completely nourish the skin.

4) Use overnight protection

You should moisturise both during the day and night to ensure that your skin always has a comfortable amount of moisture and a layer of protection. Make sure you apply Obagi Nu-Derm eye cream after your cleansing regime, but at night you should also apply a barrier on the most sensitive parts of your facial skin; namely your eyes. These areas are especially sensitive, and if left dehydrated wrinkles can easily form. Obagi Nu-Derm eye cream has a gentle formula that soothes irritated skin, repairs the cells and restores moisture.

5) Take extra care in the sun

The sun is the single most damaging thing for your skin; especially if it is already naturally dry. Too much sun exposure kills skin cells and also stimulates excess melanain production, leading to dark spots. Obagi Nu-Derm Matte Sun Shield is the latest product from the Obagi Nu-Derm skin system. It is a zinc and Octinoxate solution that provides outstanding sun protection, hydration and gives a flawless matt finish. The active ingredients help stimulate the production of Keratin and Fibroblast cells, which results in a radiant and youthful appearance.

Latest update: 30/10/2019
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