The Effects of: Pregnancy

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There are a lot of amazing things our bodies can do; child birth is one of them. There are so many rumours, Top Tips and helpful guides for pregnant women that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of just how much your body will change during pregnancy. Amongst the aches and constant kicks to your rib cages, you will also find that your skin under goes a couple of dramatic changes too.

Changes in Skin Pigmentation

During pregnancy you may find that your skin starts to change colour. We don’t mean that you’ll suddenly turn red or pink, we mean that you may experience slightly darker shades appearing on your body.

Around your face, you may find dark patches materialise on your forehead, cheeks and neck. This is sometimes called  the “Mask of Pregnancy” and is a result of your skin producing more melanin, a protein which protects you from UV light. These changes in skin pigmentation are completely natural; 2 in 3 women experience it during pregnancy, though you may find that it’s more pronounced if you catch the sun. Wearing sun cream can help prevent these patches from darkening further and you will find that, after child birth, they will fade again.

The Pregnancy Glow

You will undoubtedly have heard of the ‘pregnancy glow’. It’s a particularly ‘youthful’ shine to your skin many people you meet will comment on. When pregnant your body retains the moisture in its skin; though this can initially seem very beneficial, as your skin is plumped out reducing wrinkles and lines, it can make you seem slightly more plump.

The pregnancy glow isn’t anything to worry about, it’s natural and is one of the few beneficial changes your skin will undergo when pregnant.

Spots and Oily Skin

Besides stretch marks, the most common change in your skin when pregnant is the occurrence of oily skin and spots. This is all down to the change in your hormones. When you’re pregnant, your hormones encourage the production of sebum, the oil that gives your skin its suppleness. Too much sebum can block your pores causing sweaty, spotty skin.

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Latest update: 26/08/2019
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