The Essentials Part I: Today’s Best-kept Beauty Secrets

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We’ve all got our own little tricks of the trade when it comes to beauty regimes, but if you’re anything like us – you’ll always be happy to discover a few more!

We’ve scoured every bit of the net for the best beauty advice we could find, as well as some of our own. From basic beauty do’s and don’ts to little secrets and tips and tricks – here’s the advice that’ll keep you beautiful all year round!

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Freeze it!

Does your eyeliner constantly crumble when you put it on? Rumour is, leaving your eye liner pencil in the freezer for 15 minutes prior to applying your make up will keep it solid and easy-to-apply!

Use Ice Cubes

ice cubes

Whilst we’re on the ‘cold’ note – experts have recommended that massaging an ice cube over your face until it melts is a great way of keeping fat cells, wrinkles and acne under control.

Shave with conditioner

Okay, so we all know dry-shaving is a no-no, but have you ever thought about shaving with conditioner before? Lather legs with conditioner instead of soap, and as the conditioner softens the hair making it easier to shave, you’ll be left with silky skin and hair-free legs!

Stop your nails chipping, ever again!

finger nail polish

Before you apply nail polish, wipe nails with an acetone-based cleanser to clean excess dirt, oil or moisture from your nails. This will ensure the polish adheres properly, leaving you with a chip-free and polish perfect set of nails!

Love your elbows

It’s easy to forget about your elbows, but make sure you give them as much care and moisture as other areas of your body.

Wear sunscreen… everyday


By wearing sunscreen everyday, rain or shine, you are protecting your skin from even the sneakiest of ultraviolet rays! (80% of sun rays pass through the clouds!)

Don’t pump your mascara

Pumping your mascara, (moving wand up and down in the tube really quickly) allows air into the tube, causing mascara to become dry and crumbly.

Lighten it with lemon!


Reader’s Digest recommends rinsing your hair with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and chamomile instead of conditioner to permanently lighten your tresses. Allow your hair to dry while sitting in the sun, or use a blow dry – the heat will lighten your lovely locks!

Potato your puffy eyes!

Reader’s Digest recommends that using raw potato slices is the ideal option for soothing eyes and skin. As they are astringent, they will reduce water retention and lighten dark areas under eye circles. Firstly, wash and peel a potato, cut into two slices and place one of each eye for 10 minutes, then rinse eye area with lukewarm water.

Sponge VS. Brush

sponge vs brush

Sure, makeup sponges help you to apply makeup neatly, but not without a cost! They soak up more liquid foundation that what eventually ends up on your face, the result? You are wasting foundation, money and constantly buying new sponges. Get a foundation brush instead for less foundation-waste and a more precise application.

…To be continued!

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Latest update: 11/01/2020
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