The Healthy Foods That Will Hydrate Your Hair and Skin This Winter

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We all know that winter can be harsh on your body, often causing hair and skin cells to become dry and damaged. Normally, dry skin and hair can be remedied in a variety of ways, but if you fancy a more natural and holistic approach to remedying your skin – consider what you eat and drink.

It’s a given that eating well can improve your health, although during the winter it’s far more tempting to reach for the pumpkin pie than the celery stick. However, try adding a few of these tasty and health-loaded foods to your winter diet and enjoy the healthy hydration qualities they offer.

Here’s a list of the top fruits and veggies that’ll nourish your hair and skin this autumn and winter!



Okay, okay, we know we say it a lot, but seriously, drink water! Whilst carrying all sorts of good-for-you nutrients, it also carries oxygen to the cells and helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients from the food we eat, making them accessible to the body. It assists the kidneys and liver in flushing our waste, and helps regulate your body’s temperature. All in all, water is a major player in your overall health and the health of your skin!



Cucumber and celery are great sources of moisture, and a great tasting addition to your diet in order to boost your skin’s quality. They contain silica, which is an ingredient that boosts moisture and improves elasticity. Salads with plenty of cucumber and celery are great ways to keep skin young and supple.



Skin has a natural barrier to retain moisture. Walnuts, along with flax seeds, are fantastic sources of omega-3, and will instantly boost your skin’s ability to attract and hold onto natural moisture. Proteins and fatty acids in omega-3’s help to repair cell membranes, and they’re generally anti-inflammatory, which provides numerous positive impacts on the skin and cell quality.



Salmon is one of the best food sources for healthy and soft-shine hair. Salmon is loaded with protein, selenium and fish oil which strengthens and improves hair growth. Selenium is a great trace mineral, often found in eggs and fish, and helps to reduce toxin levels.



If you’re lacking in protein within your diet, you’re more likely to build hair that’s brittle and dry. Protein is the ultimate source and basis of hair health, so getting a good amount of protein from various health sources will encourage hair growth to be strong and healthy from the start. Great examples of protein sources include quinoa, lean meats and nuts and seeds.



Eggs are a great food for healthy hair, and are rich in vitamin B5 and B12 which stimulates hair growth. Eggs are also highly rich in biotin, which encourages hair thickness and healthy growth from the root.

Green Juice

green juice

A green juice, a blended drink made up of natural sources, is a great way to maintain overall heath and keep hair, scalp and skin soft and nourished. Health drinks are a fantastic way of replenishing your body, and detoxifying skin and hair cells, encouraging healthy and clear growth. For a green juice recipe, click here.

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Latest update: 11/01/2020
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