The Morning After: 5 Beauty Tips to Cope with the Festive Party Season

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As Christmas comes hurtling towards us, we’re willing to bet many of you have quite a few festive parties to attend.

Although you may spend hours making yourself look glamorous for the main event, there’s always the nagging dread in the back of your mind reminding you that you need to be at least somewhat presentable the next day.

Here are 5 top tips to make sure that you look your best, no matter how wild the party you attended last night was!

Remember to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

We know that this might feel like such a chore at the time, but believe us- you’ll be thankful for it in the morning.

Not only will it stop your makeup from rubbing off onto your beautiful bed sheets, it will also prevent the makeup from sinking down into your pores and clogging them, producing avoidable spots and greasy looking skin.

Use a cleanser to sweep the makeup layer from your face and you will go to bed feeling refreshed!

Drink a Glass of Water

One of the downsides to having a night on the town and drinking alcohol is that your favourite alcoholic beverages tend to dehydrate you. This is one of the main reasons that many people feel rough the next day.

This dehydration can affect how your skin appears too, making it look and feel a lot drier than normal. A single glass of water can work wonders and keeps your skin (and your head) from feeling rubbish the next morning.

Use an Extra Pillow

Have you ever woken up and dreaded looking in the mirror to see how big the bags under your eyes look?

You can avoid making them seem bigger by simply adding an extra pillow under your head. Propping yourself up will keep the fluid from gathering under your eyes, thus reducing the swelling and dark circles that you have come to dread.

Alternate Between Hot and Cold When You Shower

Everyone knows that having a shower is a sure way to make you feel a little bit more human again, but did you know that alternating between hot and cold water is the best way to make your skin wake up and feel refreshed?

We’re not saying scald yourself, but altering the temperature of the water forces your skin to adapt quickly to the changing heat, waking it up and making it feel more alert. In turn, you’ll feel more awake and hopefully more refreshed.

De-Puff Your Eyes

If you didn’t have chance to prop yourself up with an extra pillow, or simply have naturally puffy eyes, there are things that you can do to reduce the puffiness.

Use soaked, cold tea bags on top of your closed eyes for a few moments at a time and you should notice a reduction  of the puffiness. If you don’t have time to wait for a teabag to cool, cold teaspoons will also work.

If your eyes start to feel dry and itchy, there’s always our Obagi ELASTIderm® Eye Treatment cream from our Obagi skin care range to help reduce discomfort and hydrate your eyes.

Having a fun festive season is something that everyone is entitled to, and if you are hitting the town with your friends and co-workers this winter, be sure that you are keeping your skin happy and healthy before, during and after your night out.

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Latest update: 11/11/2019
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