The Most Surprising of Everyday Skin Care Mistakes

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Everybody wants healthy, glowing and soft to touch skin, however, by overdoing beauty care regimes, you are in fact damaging your skin more than you may think. There are plenty of things we do on a daily basis that we think is improving our skin quality, but the sad fact may be that these ‘beauty tips’ can actually be causing long-lasting negative effects on your skin and its appearance.

Here are a few examples of the everyday bad habits that are causing bad skin and underlying damage. Prepare to be a little shocked!

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Terrible testers

When shopping, we all like to try before you buy; however, try to avoid testing on your face or delicate skin areas. Your arm skin is a lot more robust and testing here will be less likely to result in any unwanted bacterial rashes or reactions.

Pillow talk

During sleep periods, your skin rests and sheds dead skin cells in order to rebuild new ones. These dead cells will end up in your pillow fibres, causing bacteria to build up, which you are then reapplying to your skin every time you lay down to sleep. To keep skin fresh and healthy, change pillowcases at least once every two weeks.

Taking a swim

Whatever your beauty regime may be after you’ve been swimming, you need to be sure you have washed all chlorine out of skin cells. Even after a shower, chlorine can cling to skin causing reactions with lotions and skin medications. To thoroughly remove chlorine, always use an extra soapy body wash after you swim.

Bath not shower

You can’t beat a super hot and powerful shower, but unfortunately showers can actually remove the outer most layers of your skins epidermis which can cause scaly and dried skin. If your skin starts to turn itchy and red whilst in the shower, get out and let skin cool.

Put the phone down

We all love a good natter on the phone to friends and loved ones, however hours spent talking on the phone can actually lead to breakouts and rashes along your cheek and jaw line. If you consider where you keep your phone and the amount of bacteria it attracts during the day, i.e. the bottom of your handbag or inside your pocket, it makes sense to always wipe your phone with antibacterial wipes to keep both phone and skin clean and clear.

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Latest update: 11/01/2020
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