The Story Behind Swisscode Skincare

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What is Swisscode?

Swisscode is a unique skincare brand that originated in Switzerland and is now known worldwide for its high potency boosters and range of highly effective serums. The Swiss are traditionally known for being precise time keepers, but with the launch of Swisscode, they are now also masters of skincare. The entire range of Swisscode skincare products all work towards giving you the youthful, radiant glow you have always wanted. Using the highest quality ingredients, each product from Swisscode will support your skincare regime without using any harsh chemicals, making time stand still in the eyes of your skin. 

Swisscode Products

Swisscode has two primary lines of skincare products, the Pure Line and the Bionic Line. Each product is uniquely formulated to target a specific skin issue using active and pure ingredients to deliver results...

Swisscode Bionic Line

The Swisscode Bionic range is made up of dynamic serums that utilises the power of meristem plant stem cells. Working similarly to human stem cells, the extract from the meristem plant works to rejuvenate the skin's surface. In addition to highly concentrated stem cells, each Swisscode Bionic product is mixed with beneficial ingredients such as vitamins, anit-oxidants, amino acids and minerals that work to draw active ingredients into the skin. The Swisscode Bionic range includes a UV ray proctor, an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant and a rejuvenating serum. There is something in the Swisscode range for everyone!

Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Radiant Elixir:

With integrated bionic technology, the Swisscode Bionic Stem Cell Radiant Elixir is a rejuvenating serum that will help your skin to feel youthful and glowing. The concentrated stem cells combined with a powerful antioxidant formulation creates a regenerative and anti-ageing serum that is hard to beat. 

Swisscode Stem Cell Age Control:

The Swisscode Stem Cell Age Control could be the rejuvenating serum you’ve been searching for. Packed with a powerful antioxidant, Tiger Grass stem cells and bionic technology this Swisscode serum will leave your skin feeling and looking youthful and glowing. 


Swisscode Pure Line

The Swisscode Pure range consists of seven concentrates that tackle all of the most common signs of ageing such as irritation, age spots, dryness, redness and lack of firmness. Without using any unnecessary ingredients, Swisscode has created this line using the purest form possible. This range includes no alcohols, colourants, parabens, preservatives or emulsifiers. The Pure range really stands up to its name!

Swisscode Pure Genistein:

Using an active ingredient from the soya plant, the Swisscode Pure Genistein is formulated to target the skin's texture. Naturally promoting the production of collagen, using this Swisscode Pure product is clinically tested and proven to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be left feeling taut, firm and lifted. 

Swisscode Pure Hyaluron:

The Swisscode Pure Hyaluron is one of the brands most popular products. Already much loved Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox, this miracle product sold out in 48 hours when it first launched in Switzerland. Known as the “super serum” this skincare staple leaves you with plumper looking skin and intense moisturisation. Using just two drops of this product every morning and night will leave you looking like you’ve had the most restful night's sleep (even if you didn’t!). What makes this product even better? It only takes a few days for you to begin seeing results. 

Swisscode Pure Vitamin F Forte:

If you suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, the Swisscode Pure Vitamin F will deliver the concentrated dose of moisture your skin is craving. To beautifully nourish the skin, a high concentration of Omega-6 fatty acid works to restore your skin’s natural lipid barrier. This will provide intense moisturisation without clogging pores, leaving you with skin that is smooth and hydrated to the touch.  


Latest update: 17/03/2021
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