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It isn’t just women who can benefit from the use of Obagi Products, who says that dad’s can’t have flawless looking skin too?  Take a look at some of the products that Obagi supply to help your dad have fantastic feeling skin all year round!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

The majority of women will know the benefits that regular exfoliation on their skin when included in a facial routine. Exfoliation keeps our skin smooth and deeply cleansed; something that men can also benefit from.


We’re not saying all men have to have baby soft skin, but it’s always nice to have youthful, clean feeling skin. The Obagi 360 system is made up of 3 helpful products; an exfoliating cleanser, retinol and a sunscreen moisturiser.


With the summer months coming up, keeping your skin clear and hydrated is essential, so why not get dad involved in a facial routine too? The Obagi 360 system compliments the skin and refines the complexion, and is a very simple system to get dad on the facial bandwagon.

The cleanser clears up clogged pores (and dad’s tend to work hard… and sweat a lot!) and revitalises the surface of the skin, giving a healthy, clear complexion.

No Fuss Facial Cleansing

With a “two applications in the morning, two in the evening” regime, the system isn’t hard to keep up with, and doesn’t involve a lot of preparation or application. It’s also important to remind him at sun protection is essential in the summer months, and this system has its own incorporated into it.


With a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, the moisturiser contains ingredients that soothe the skin, as well as prevent the skin from becoming damaged from UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Repairing Retinol

The entrapped retinol that is included in the Obagi 360 system is gradually released, resulting in a refined skin texture and tone. It is also extremely effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No doubt we have “caused”a few of those over the years, so help him out when it comes to reducing how refined they are!

The system isn’t just for older men either, it is able to effectively address the needs of younger skin too, and so if you are struggling to find a skincare product for a younger gentleman, this system is perfect.


Falling short of finding that elusive fountain of youth, the Obagi 360 system is here as a backup. Ridding the skin of some of the most severe forms of ageing, Obagi products effectively make the skin feel more youthful and refreshed.

As well as eradicating many of the signs of ageing, these Obagi products also protect your skin from future damage. It takes a proactive approach to perfecting and maintaining the perfect skin, and it is a fantastic system to help keep you feeling young, but much more than just skin deep.

My dad's got it all figured out!

We all know dads spend more time looking after the family more than themselves, so make sure to get him to put his feet up and relax every now and again. Introducing him to the wonderful world of skin care can be the first step in helping him look as young as he still feels! The Obagi 360 is the perfect introduction to the whole range of Obagi products which can benefit your skin, for men too!

We know that Father’s Day has just passed, but that doesn’t mean that dad doesn’t deserve treating until next year!

Want to treat your dad to some of the best skincare products available, but don’t know where to begin, don’t hesitate to contact ustoday by calling 01481 736699 and have a chat with one of our expert team members.

Latest update: 30/10/2019
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