Vitamin C Benefits: Why You Need it in Your Skin Care

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You long for glowing, beautiful skin… don’t we all? Perhaps those patches of pigmentation and signs of premature ageing seem to be staring back at you in the mirror, more prominent than ever before. But do any of us have any hope in getting our glow back and revitalising our skin? The answer is yes! Vitamin C is the magic wand that can enhance your skin beauty. It is one of the most crucial skin-friendly ingredients that might be missing in your skin care routine.

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vitamin c for skincare

Just like your body, your skin needs a range of nutrients to function properly. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can help in the skin regeneration process and neutralise free radicals.

Now you might wonder how topical application of Vitamin C benefits the skin. 

Well, just like your body benefits from the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods, topical care with Vitamin C helps your skin significantly by offsetting daily aggressors and reducing the damage caused by them. 

Does that make sense?

Let’s dig deeper into Vitamin C benefits for skin.


If you are exploring the best way to give your lackluster, dull skin a juicy glow, then you cannot afford to ignore the role of Vitamin C in revitalising your skin. Known primarily for its immune-boosting properties, the antioxidant-rich Vitamin C helps rejuvenate the skin by neutralising the production of free radicals that damage your skin cells.

This should give you plenty of reasons to permanently include vitamin C in your cosmetic box.

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Being highly acidic, Vitamin C, when applied topically, triggers the self-healing properties of the skin by boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin naturally produces collagen and elastin but ageing and UAV can severely damage the skin. Vitamin C accelerates the production of these naturally occurring protein fibers that support the skin’s lipid barrier and help keep your skin plump, healthy, and glowing.


Combining your sunscreen with a topical application of Vitamin C guards your skin against sun damage. Vitamin C penetrates deeper into the skin and thickens the dermis layer, guarding it against harmful rays of the sun. Look for a skin care product with Vitamin C as an ingredient to restore skin vitality and help it bounce back.

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The sight of fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles is that we all detest. Worry not! Include vitamin C in your dietary and skin care routine to prevent premature ageing of the skin. Source it from antioxidant-rich fruits and apply it topically to safeguard your skin from harmful free radicals for a more supple, firmer, and youthful skin.


Discoloured skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation are signs that melanin production is inhibited in your body. Topical application of Vitamin C in products that penetrate deeply into the skin can help prevent and fade brown spots and brighten the skin. Vitamin C shines as an ingredient that can improve skin firmness and prevent fine lines, without altering normal pigmentation.

Give your skin the antioxidant nourishment it deserves from Vitamin C to protect it from skin-damaging effects of environmental aggressors and brighten the delicate skin. Being acidic, Vitamin C sloughs away dead skin cells, speeding up cell regeneration, making skin plump, and leaving it brighter and smoother.

Vitamin C’s skin damage-repairing, tone-evening, and anti-aging properties make it a holy grail ingredient in skincare. Vitamin C benefits the skin inside-out and is a must-include ingredient in your skincare routine. Undo the oxidative damage to your skin by adding Vitamin C in your cosmetic cabinet. Your supple, soft, and radiant skin is waiting to be unlocked!

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Latest update: 13/11/2019
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