What Does Winter Really Do To Your Skin?

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The low temperatures and harsh elements do little favours for our healthy skin, and over exposure to the cold weather can cause a range of problems that’ll prevent us keeping that glowing and beautiful skin we all dream of. From sore eyes to cracked lips, it can be difficult to really look after your beautiful skin and hair when the season’s against us, but don’t worry!

There are plenty of preventative measures you can take in order to combat those windy weathers and winter blues. Here’s a few tips to looking wonderful despite the weather!


Lips have little defence against the cold due to their thin outer layer and lack of oil-producing glands. They can lose moisture fast, which will leave them open to becoming dry and cracked.

Cracked lips can often be a sign of a B-complex vitamins deficiency, so a decent supplement which contains petroleum jelly is advisable. Petroleum jelly works as a barrier cream, and will protect your lips from both the weather and reduce the loss of moisture. Try to avoid licking chapped lips, as this will aggravate dryness and encourage moisture loss.

Winter can also cause cold sores. Cold sores are fluid filled blisters that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They can be highly contagious, so do not touch them, and avoid direct contact with someone who has them. If left alone, or treat with prescription treatments will clear up well within 10 – 14 days.


Like any other part of your body, the eyes suffer from exposure to dry and hot temperatures, especially in central-heated environments. Warm atmospheres will dry the cornea and cause marginal dry-eye syndrome, which can be further aggravated by sitting in front of TV or computer screens. This is due to our eyes blinking less as they are focused, and will cause the tear layer of the cornea to evaporate.

Blinking your eyes works to flush out dust and remoistens the eye, so try to keep oil-producing tear glands well moisturised throughout the winter months. This can be done by eye drops and proven lubricants.


Sadly, your skin is probably the part of your body which suffers the most in winter dry air. Harsh wind will affect skin similar to lips, and cause cracking. Skin can also be vunerable to ultra-violet rays, so always apply a moisturiser with an SP15 throughout the winter, and try to spend less time in hot baths and showers as this can damage outer skin layer quality. Once you get out of a hot temperature bath or shower, skin moisture quickly escapes into dry hair causing dry and irritated skin.

During the winter, be sure to only exfoliate when needed, and scrub lightly in order to not wipe away the layer of oil that protects skin against irritations. Moisturisers with petroleum jelly will provide skin with a barrier and trap moisture within. Tip: Place a petroleum jelly based moisturiser on a cotton bud and apply it to the rim of your nostrils in order to reduce the dry air coming through that causes a sore and red nose.

Hands and feet

Hands can become rough and chapped when exposed to harsh elements, dry central heating atmosphere’s can also affect the skin on your hands and feet. Moisturise immediately after you wash your hands in order to seal in the water skin has absorbed. Chilblains can often disfigure hands and feet as superficial blood vessels contract, and cause the skin to turn itchy, swollen and sore. Gentle rewarming at room temperate is the best and safest way to treat chilblains, so try to keep your hands and feet as dry as possible during the cold months.

Wearing good shoes and quality gloves can often be the simplest way of caring for your hands and feet, keeping them warm and well protected from the winter elements.

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Latest update: 30/10/2019
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