Your Guide to Beautiful Eyes

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They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and, although we’re not too sure who ‘they’ actually are, they do have a point! Our eyes go through so much throughout our lives and often they’re the first things that other people notice upon meeting us. Your eyes have to put up with a lot: makeup, wind, rain, tears, and the sun – and so that you can keep your eyes looking magnificent throughout your entire lifetime, we’ve created the guide to beautiful eyes…

Choose High-Quality Make Up

When it comes to choosing your eye makeup, ensure that it’s made of a high quality and if you have sensitive skin, make sure that you choose the makeup that’s appropriate for your skin type. Otherwise you could damage the skin around your eyes. Check that the makeup in question has been allergy-tested and you’re more likely to protect your eyes!

Remove Your Makeup!

This one is incredibly important and one thing that many people fail to do – especially after a night out. Sleeping in your eye makeup can actually be one of the reasons you lose eyelashes. Anyone who has lost eyelashes knows that this can be quite a traumatic experience. Leaving eye makeup on whilst you sleep can also lead to eye infections and irritated, bloodshot eyes.

Of course, those of you who have tried to remove eye makeup in the past know that this is no easy feat – especially if you’ve used waterproof mascara! If you have clumps on your eyelashes, DO NOT tug at these as this can lead to the loss of eyelashes that may never grow back. Warm water with a cotton pad should do the trick, or a gentle specialist makeup remover.

To Use False Lashes or Not?

The above question is certainly something that every girl has thought about; should I use false lashes or should I not? Well, long, luscious eyelashes is something that we all want, but false lashes can actually lead to losing your own natural lashes – not to mention that they can look a little too…as their name suggests…false! As they’re heavy, they can lead to eyes looking and feeling saggy, which isn’t a good look!

If you’ve noticed a lack of eyelashes, we recommend the Latisse – a treatment that encourages the natural re-growth of your eyelashes, making you look and feel beautiful! At SkinStation we’re a leading supplier of Latisse in the UK, so if you have any questions please get in contact.

Prevent Those Wrinkles!

We spend our lives squinting at screens and out in the sunshine, so it’s important to protect your eyes! A simple way to protect the skin around your eyes from wrinkling is to wear sunglasses, especially when it’s bright. There are also many specialist creams that you can use around your eyes that can help to prevent wrinkles or reduce the appearance of them – we recommend the Obagi Eye Treatment Cream or any products within this range.

So follow these tips and make sure that you have marvellous eyes! We’re sure that you’ll get loads of compliments and you’ll feel much more confident. Give yourself beautiful eyes and make sure that they are well taken care of – they need extra love and care, especially in the winter time.

At SkinStation, we believe that everyone should feel confident in their own skin, which is why we have such a wide range of skin treatments. For more information about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our exceptional team who will be more than happy to help. Call now on +44 (0)1481 736699 to speak to us today.

Latest update: 10/01/2020
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