Your Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Skin

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Your skin is a complex organ that reacts to environmental changes, which means you have to be ready to adapt your skincare regime when the environment does change. Now that March has arrived, you should be thinking about how best to pamper and nourish your skin during the warmer seasons. For some people, winter may have been harsh and left your skin dry, so spring should focus on exfoliating the dead cells away and nourishing the new skin. Below we offer our top tips for the new season.

Use an exfoliator, but don’t over-scrub

The fluctuating temperatures of winter may wreak havoc with some people’s skin, leading to dry patches, dead skin cells and a build up of blocked pores. Use an exfoliator to gently buff away the dead skin cells, revealing healthy skin underneath. In order to protect this new layer of skin, you should then cleanse it to kill bacteria. Try Obagi NuDerm Gentle Cleanser as this won’t irritate or over dry your skin.

Prevent too much oil production
Seasonal changes could cause the moisture levels of your skin to change as the weather gets warmer and humidity rises. The hydrolipidic layer which prevents moisture loss is weaker during winter due to the temperatures, but it means that in spring you will have higher natural moisture levels. This increase in oil can cause more frequent break-outs in people with problematic skin. TryObagi C- Balancing Toner to prevent oil build up. This great product not only balances oil, but it can also help prevent signs of ageing caused by sun damage.

Lighten up your moisturisers
Because spring brings warmer temperatures, your skin’s natural moisture levels will shift, meaning your skin will be less dry and more supple. Some people with very oily skin or skin prone to acne will be tempted to not use a moisturiser in spring and summer months, however the added sunlight means you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For days when you are going to be outside a lot use Obagi C- Sunguard. For those with oily skin, swap heavy moisturisers for a lighter lotion. Obagi Clenziderm Theraputic Lotion is the perfect two-in-one product for moisturising and simultaneously combating acne.

Turn to electronic cleansing for stubborn bacteria
For people battling acne, spring isn’t a positive thing for their skin. Warmer weather leads to more oil production which can trap impurities. Alongside your cleaning regime, you should use an electronic acne therapy system such as Lustre Pure Light. Lustre works by harnessing blue light which kills spot-causing bacteria. No matter how much you cleanse your skin it won’t get rid of P-acne bacteria like the Lustre Pure Light therapy will. Additional benefits are that it won’t over dry or irritate your skin, and by using electronic cleaning you avoid using washcloths which harbour bacteria and can reverse the effect of cleansing.

Every new season brings about circumstances that require you to tailor your skin regime to your skin’s needs. Spring is a time for gentle cleansing, frequent exfoliation and lighter moisturisers. Remember that everybody’s skin is different, so if you’re still not sure which products are best for your skin type read the expert advice on our skin analysis page.

Latest update: 26/08/2019
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