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It is possible to keep skin looking lovely and young well into the senior years. Every woman – and man – can, with a specific routine, ensure that their skin remains healthy and lovely well into their adult and senior years.


One good piece of advice from all dermatologists and other skin care professionals concerns how to ensure your skin does not suffer sun damage. It is true that people who live in cool and colder climates often yearn for sunny days; however, too much sun can cause some very serious problems such as cancer.

But, that’s not all. If you don’t look after your skin and expose it to too much sun, you can be sure you will start to see those first fine lines known as crow’s feet from a very young age. Putting them off for as long as possible is the ideal for everyone who takes skincare seriously, because crow’s feet are followed by other signs of aging of the skin.

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Aging is a natural process, but today most people take greater care to put off the visible signs of aging for as long as possible, and fortunately there are products – and some basic guidelines to follow – that will help us staying younger for longer – also our skin.

In addition to limiting our time in the sun there are various sunscreens, shields and sun-blocks on the market. In especially very hot summers such as those of the last few years – also the summer of 2018 – it has become essential to understand that avoiding harsh conditions such as excessive hours in the sun will help to protect our skin from sunburn, age spots, blemishes and premature wrinkling.


Of course, sunshine offers various benefits to our well-being such as stimulating the production of vitamin D that the body needs, as well as feelings of contentment, but we have to be careful of the negative effects like skin cancer and wrinkles as a result of dehydration and too many hours of sunshine.

Scientists and skin care specialists have proved beyond any doubt that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays weaken the skin’s dermis (lower layers) and cause wrinkles and other conditions such as cancer.

Visit the dermatologist and perform self-examination

  • Make a yearly visit to the dermatologist part of your skin care routine so that he/she can pick up any irregularities early on – also to offer advice in terms of keeping skin young and blemish free.

  • Make sure you do regular checks for any signs of small skin bumps and sores that don’t heal. These may be signs that you need to see the skin specialist. They may be caused by too many hours in the sun, even early signs of cancer. Also, look out for unnatural dark spots with asymmetrical shapes. These, and other, irregular shapes and sun burn blemishes are important to report to the specialist early on.

Include healthy habits in your daily routine

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink enough water. This helps the body to benefit from the antioxidants in those foods since they help fight the damaging effects of excessive sunshine. Water, of course, helps to keep the skin hydrated and looking full as opposed to drawn and old.

  • Refrain from smoking since it creates skin damaging agents too.

  • But more than anything always make sure you do your best to eliminate the adverse effects of exposure to excessive sunshine. Therefore, for starters, wear a hat and sunglasses when you venture out into the sun.

  • Sunscreen: Find the best skin care products to help you protect the skin from sun damage and aging. The best sunscreen is one with an SPF (sun protection factor) above 30. Here at Skin Station we are happy to recommend products such as the Dr Dennis Gross Dark Spot Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 and the Obagi Matte Sun Shield SPF 50 which are good – and indeed recommended - for all skin types.

  • Apply the sunscreen every day, even with your makeup, and make sure you reapply it when you’re out relaxing on a hike, at the ocean or in the pool at your house.


  • Apply sunscreen year-round to reap the benefits of maximum protection. Even during winter when, for example, you are on the ski slopes in France, you need it since the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays do not disappear in the cold season.

  • Avoid, especially, the mid-day sun and try to stay away from the harmful rays between 11 am and 4pm when you’re on your summer holiday.

Prevention is always better than Cure

To keep your skin young and beautiful involves a daily regimen that includes your own routine of cleansing and using the products to help protect and feed your skin – using a good sunscreen is part of the process as much as moisturising is, for example. At Skin Station we are happy to offer advice for those who feel they can benefit from talking to us and using the products we believe in, such as those mentioned earlier.

We further recommend, among others, the following to help you minimise sun damage: from SkinCeuticals their Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF 50 and the Obagi Medical Tinted Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50, which is available in either a warm or cool shade product.






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