3 Steps To Rejuvenating Lacklustre Skin

Spring is just around the corner, and it feels like a great time for reassessing daily routines, including skincare. In fairness, our skin tends to need intensive care at this time of the year too. After all, wintertime is where skin is attacked on so many levels, including cold winds, lack of sunlight, indoor heating, and a diet rich in comfort food. All of which, can wreak havoc on the complexion, leaving it dull, dehydrated, and frankly, unhealthy. Thankfully, with a bit of extra tlc, all of that can be put right relatively quickly.

What is Dull Skin?

In simple terms, it’s skin that’s seriously lost its mojo. We’re talking about skin that looks tired, has an uneven skin tone and a loss of radiance. Let’s look at what causes dull skin and how to rejuvenate it when that happens, so you get your glow back on ASAP!

What Causes Dull Skin?

Dull skin can be caused by many factors. So, it’s important to work out what’s causing your dullness.

Dead Skin Cells

The skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells, to make way for newer, healthier cells. The problem occurs when these are not cleared away effectively. Over time, they accumulate on the superficial layer named the epidermis, causing clogged pores, blemishes, and dullness.


The quality of sleep we experience affects just about every part of our body. When we’re sleeping poorly, it’s mirrored by our complexion. Think tired, sallow, dull, unhealthy, and ageing skin. Yet, when we’re sleeping well and having regular deep, restorative sleep, something amazing seems to happen. Our skin looks brighter, radiant, clearer, healthier and dare we say it, more youthful. 

Poor Diet

Yep, we all know that what goes in, reflects on the outside, so food choices are a factor here too. 

Too much salty or processed food can be dehydrating and a diet high in sugar, inflames and worsens skin conditions, breaks down collagen and accelerates signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. 

A diet that’s poor in fruit and vegetables also means that we experience a lack of protective antioxidants whose role is to defend us from damaging free radicals that attack the skin and body, causing health issues, disease, and ageing.


Dehydration, or a lack of water, causes an inadequate supply of blood volume to the skin and can make skin look lacklustre and drab. It in the longer term, it can also cause fine lines and wrinkles. 


We all know about the ageing process and as we grow older, collagen and elastin levels decrease, meaning our skin becomes less elastic. The knock-on effect is of course, more lines and wrinkles. 

Not to mention that cell turnover decreases too, meaning that not so many new, healthier cells are being made, which also adds to the effect of dull skin and makes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and sun damage more visible.

How To Rejuvenate Skin

Solution 1: Exfoliate Regularly

If you’re not already using one, add a chemical exfoliator into your daily skincare routine. These gently dissolve away impurities and blockages to leave the skin purified and gloriously radiant. 

Compared to granular exfoliators, they’re so easy and convenient to use. All you need to do is apply the product and leave it to do its work. 

Obagi® products are perfect for rejuvenating lacklustre skin. To achieve that desirable daily glow, we love Obagi Nu-Derm® Exfoderm®, specifically formulated for Normal to Oily skin. This one uses the gentle power of Glycolic and Lactic Acid which encourages deep exfoliation and increases cell turnover for newer, healthier skin. For those with Normal to Dry skin, opt for Obagi Nu-Derm® Forte® instead.

Solution 2: Boost Hydration Levels

It’s important to drink the recommended daily amount of water so that you’re replenishing from the inside but there are steps you can take to support this on the outside too, through hydrating skin care products, like moisturisers and serums. We love the best-seller, Obagi Hydrate®, an exceptional daily hydrator with its highly potent hydrating ingredient, Hydromanil™. 

Dehydrated skin is at once nourished through a matrix that forms across the skin, but unlike other hydrators that give a short intensive boost of moisture, it’s been clinically proven that this matrix provides long-lasting moisture for up to 8 hours. 

This is because it prevents further water loss and holds water within the layers of the skin. This means it can gradually deliver nourishment from active compounds over time ensuring longer-lasting hydration. 

For night-time use, we’d suggest using the exceptional Obagi Hydrate Luxe®, a gloriously rich overnight hydrator that harnesses the power of Hydromanil™ and gently exfoliates throughout the night without loss of hydration.

Why not purchase an Obagi Set? Our hydration must-have is the Obagi Hydration Kit which contains both Obagi® hydrators. Add this to your basket and bag yourself a decent saving! 

Vitamin C is a fantastic multi-purpose product which is famed for its skin-brightening and moisture-retaining properties and another benefit is that it boosts collagen production too, ensuring that you have younger looking skin and minimised fine lines and wrinkles.  

Your new go-to Vitamin C product must be the luxuriously silky, Obagi Professional C® Serum 15%, containing pure L-ascorbic Acid for the extra-strength antioxidant protection and ultimate skin radiance.

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