Beauty Heroines From The Last Century

When it comes to beauty, skincare products and skincare trends, we often find ourselves looking to the future. “What is the next big thing? What is the newest skincare product launch? What beauty trend will celebrities be setting at the next big event?”. However, when it comes to dishing out celebrity skincare secrets and celebrity skincare products, we shouldn’t just look at the newest line of A-listers. 

Beauty Heroines have been setting skincare trends all through the last century that still have credit to this day. Some have been known for their long statement lashes, others for their porcelain skin or rosy complexions. To help you to discover hidden celebrity skincare secrets and celebrity skincare products, we have delved into the skincare routines of beauty heroines from the last century....

Audrey Hepburn Skincare Secrets

Audrey Hepburn was a beauty icon from the last century, and arguably is still one of the most famous beauty icons to this day. Hepburn is known for her classic elegance, everlasting style, and ageless beauty. One of the signature features was her seemingly flawless skin. So what were here celebrity skincare secrets? One of her biggest skincare musts was protecting her skin from the sun. Hepburn embraced her pale complexion and made sure to protect it from the harsh uv rays that inevitably cause premature ageing. Whilst SPF is an essential everyday product in anyone’s skincare routine, Audrey Hepburn always went one step further and used colourful umbrellas to protect her delicate skin. Other beauty trends she swore by was separating her lashes with a pin to create her trademark fluffy and defined eyelashes. A safer alternative would be a non-clump mascara and a lash comb!

Marilyn Monroe Skincare Secrets

You can’t mention beauty skincare secrets and beauty heroines of the last century without mentioning Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was a sex symbol throughout the 50’s and 60’s. This made her one of the biggest trendsetters of 50’s skincare and 60’s skincare. If we can take anything from Marilyn Monroe’s skincare regime, it is routine; something that needs to be fit into your daily schedule, morning and night. When Monroe’s exact skincare prescription came to light, it became known just how much time and effort she put into her skincare regimen. Her morning skincare goes as follows… wash face with a cleansing bar and warm water, apply a gentle exfoliating toner, follow this with an eye cream and finally a hydrating face powder to lock in the products. In the evening, Marilyn Monroe would double cleanse to remove makeup and dirt from the day, gently massage in an intensive moisturiser, and lastly apply a hydrating toner to close her pores. Beautiful looking skin isn’t just a one-off, it is an ongoing process!

Princess Diana Skincare Secrets

Princess Diana is still a style icon to this day, with her black ‘revenge dress’ known globally. Her style influence goes far beyond just clothing, with her celebrity skincare routine still sought after to this day. So what was her secret to a natural and glowy complexion? One of her skincare secrets was applying moisturiser before any makeup. Keeping her skin thoroughly hydrated allowed her foundation to sit evenly on her skin, giving her a ‘no makeup, makeup look’. Another skincare routine Diana stuck to was always removing her makeup at the end of the day. Finding a gentle yet thorough makeup is essential in allowing your skin to breath, unclogging pores, eliminating any bacteria and removing dirt from the day. 

Naomi Cambell Skincare Secrets

When it comes to Naomi Cambell’s celebrity skincare routine, her secret to clear and bright skin is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! She has said that she only used baby soap in the shower without heavy perfumes stripping the natural moisture in her skin. After the shower she also moisturises her entire body, particularly her face. Instead of using heavy moisturisers she prefers moisturising serum as they don’t clog pores. Naomi, we’re taking notes!

Which celebrity skincare secret will you be trying next?

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