Obagi Uk Medical Skincare Benefits

The Top 5 Skincare Benefits Of Using Obagi Medical

Taking care of your skin can be hard work. When it comes to keeping your skin in tip-top shape, there’s a lot of variables that come into play. From the type of products, you use to the quality of the ingredients and the formulas tested. Some swear by drug store products whilst others skip the in-depth skincare all together and choose to mask their issues with layers of makeup, all the while neglecting to nourish what lies underneath. If you have a serious skin condition, however, and you feel like you’re that person who’s tried just about everything, your best bet is to go medical grade. 

Obagi Medical has 30 years of clinically proven results when it comes to their skincare line. From humble beginnings to prongs of loyal devotees—Obagi aims to transform the skin industry by creating products that truly work.

Founded in 1988, Obagi has been a pioneer of medical skincare. The company has an extensive array of products that can answer and provide a solution for just about any common skincare Condition. Obagi provides high-grade pharmaceutical formulations that are proven to be effective by their consumers. 

Here are the top 5 skincare benefits that Obagi provides:

5. Sun Protection

Your first line of defense against UVA and UVB rays is a sunscreen. Using it prevents sunburn, brown spots, faster skin aging, and reduces skin cancer risk. With regular use, it can preserve skin radiance and inhibit photo-aging. Obagi has broad spectrum sunscreens that have an SPF of up to 50 that aims to protect your skin daily while nourishing it on a deeper level. Available are options for sensitive, dry and oily skin and even a version that has added antioxidant and a tinted sunscreen.

4. Brighter Skin

Obagi has Vitamin C serums that pack a skin-loving punch that go far beyond your typical antioxidant products. Clinical studies have proven that their L-ascorbic acid line has offered better penetration and an absorption rate that is 5x better than others on the market. Their Vitamin C serums can give you brighter, radiant and youthful skin when used regularly. Different concentrations are also available at 10%, 15%, and 20%, depending on what your skin needs.

3. Moisturisers For Hydration And Skin Rejuvenation

Moisturising is very crucial for those who have dry skin and even to those who have oily skin. It’s very important that no matter what skin type you have, that a moisturiser is included in your skincare routine. Obagi’s moisturiser line provides instant and long-lasting hydration that rejuvenates your skin. It’s made by naturally-derived ingredients that are hypoallergenic and non-irritating even to sensitive skin. It’s also designed to suit a variety of skin types that help enhance your skin’s plumpness and hydration.

2. Cleansers For A Healthier Skin That's Free From Impurities

Cleansing is very essential if you want to keep your face looking radiant. Removing the dirt and grime from your skin should be your priority at the end of the day. Proper cleansing can dislodge anything that has clogged your pores. Obagi has different cleanser lines that cater specifically for dry, oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin that thoroughly removes unwanted impurities and prevents acne and breakouts caused by dirt and makeup residue. They also have exfoliating and rejuvenating cleansers that have biodegradable beads for a deeper cleanse.

1. Retinol Activities For A Total Skin Makeover

Last but not lease, Retinol is very common in products that aim for skin renewal. It can brighten, lighten and help in the formation of new skin. If you think your skin is dull and is in dire need of a refreshing start, Obagi has created products that contain the all-powerful retinol to smooth over fine lines, even out skin tone, and even shrink pores. 

Obagi Skincare is available only through physicians, licensed skincare professionals, and medical spas as some of the products within this range contains prescription only items.  It is highly recommended that you visit a professional for a better understanding and analysis of your skin concerns. If you want to learn more about the type of Obagi products on offer and how you can get access the full range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert professional team at Skinstation.

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