The Ultimate Autumn-Winter Skincare Guide 2020

With September now over, Autumn and Winter 2020 will start steadily approaching. The wind will become a little stronger, the temperature will drop and ice cold rain will set in. Whilst we know this means more woolies, hats and scarfs in our wardrobe, what does this mean for our winter skincare routine?

Switching up your wardrobe based on the season is something most of us do habitually as the temperature changes, but many can neglect to do the same thing with their skincare. What works in the warm humid heat of summer, may not be working for your skin come Autumn and Winter, notoriously bad seasons for our complexion. With the harsh conditions our skin can face issues such as dullness, dehydration, flaky skin and dryness. So what can be done to ensure we maintain our healthy and luminous complexion all year long?

Don’t let good habits slide, and keep up your attentive lockdown skincare routine, with just a few adjustments. Keep reading for the ultimate Autumn-Winter Skincare Guide 2020.

Autumn-Winter Skincare Tip 1: Heavier Moisturiser

One way to kick chapped winter skin is by switching up your daily moisturiser with something a little heavier. The key here is hydration, hydration, hydration… and more hydration. The cooler temperature brings drier air which can draw out the moisture in our skin. Without regular use of skin moisturiser your skin can be left looking chapped, with dry patches and an overall dull appearance. A rich daily moisturiser will not only deliver a heavy dose of hydration to thirsty skin, it will also create a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh outside elements. Pair this with a few extra glasses of water a day and you’re onto a winning winter skincare routine.

Autumn-Winter Skincare Tip 2: Still Use SPF

Seasons may come and go, but one thing should always remain the same… daily application of sunscreen. Yes, even in the winter, even on cloudy days, and even when you are spending most of your day in the office! Even though the sun may not appear to be as strong as those bright summer days, harmful UVA and UVB rays still penetrate the clouds causing skin cell damage, premature ageing and potentially skin cancer. The regular application of sunscreen even in your winter skincare routine will also protect your skin from potentially harmful blue light rays. You can read our blog post ‘Can Your Laptop or Mobile Screens Age Your Skin?’ if you would like to read more about this topic. 

To prevent all of the wonderful benefits of your skincare being undone by UV, we recommend applying sunscreens such as Dr Dennis Gross Dark Spot Defense Sunscreen SPF 50 or the IS Clinical Extreme Protect Treatment SPF 30 each morning before you begin your day.

Autumn-Winter Skincare Tip 3: Overnight Treatments And Creams

During lockdown many of us worked from home and could dedicate a little extra time and love to our skincare regimen. With restrictions easing many of no longer have the extra time to spend with a face mask stuck to our face during working hours, or under eye creams and oils lathered on thick during the day (although technically no one is stopping you doing this at the office?). With winter 2020 fast approaching, your skin may be needing those hydrating face creams and treatments now more than ever. To prevent you scaring your colleagues at work, try opting for an overnight treatment or an evening face mask that will leave you with freshly brightened and hydrated skin when you wake from your slumber.

Autumn-Winter Skincare Tip 4:  Serum, Serum Serum

If you aren’t already using a serum regularly, adding one to your autumn and winter skincare routine would be the perfect opportunity. Facial serums can be used after your cleanser to deliver a highly concentrated dose of skin care and hydration. Your thirsty skin will thank you! Not only do serums hydrate your skin but they come with a whole host of other skin benefits depending on your needs and which one you choose. Some of our favourite facial cleansers are the MZ Skin Lift & Lustre Golden Elixir Antioxidant Serum, Dr Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum and the MZ Skin Brighten & Perfect 10% Vitamin C Corrective Serum


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