What Happens To Your Skin If You Don't Wear Makeup For 6 Months

Thanks to the recent lockdown restrictions, some of us have found ourselves ditching our usual makeup routines. Under ordinary circumstances, many mightn’t go a single day without leaving the house without at least some form of coverage on their face. But despite our #NewNorm, the reality is that sometimes, we just want our skin to breathe and we want to feel confident, with or without makeup. So, self-isolation has got us thinking, “Is no makeup really that good for your skin?” Let’s find out!

Which Celebs Go Makeup Free?

No foundation? No problem. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez know how to follow a makeup detox and still look extremely glamorous without it. With just regular exercise and following a consistent skincare routine, JLO swears by her healthy lifestyle and good habits for reinforcing her youthful glow.

Another natural beauty, Jessica Biel, publicly embraces going makeup free and has been flaunting her flawless skin without makeup via her selfies on social media for years— creating major envy, no doubt!

Finally, the queen of the no-makeup movement, Alicia Keys, is undeniably stunning without layers of foundation. She just swears by her skincare routine and does it religiously every single day and every night.

Whilst these celebrities might be blessed with naturally beautiful and glowing skin, we also give them credit for sticking to consistent routines and taking care of their skin between all the travelling, red carpet engagements and the stresses that come with very demanding jobs in the public eye.

What Happens To Your Skin If You Don’t Wear Makeup?

The million dollar question “Is no makeup good for your skin?” can easily be answered by why the celebrities mentioned above choose to embrace their bare-faced looks. 

Here are some of the things that happen to your skin when you break up with makeup:

Your skin recalibrates: when you stop wearing foundation and other makeup products, your skin starts to produce its natural oils helping with balance and hydration. You also tend to not over-wash or irritate your skin in the process of trying to remove makeup which can easily strip your skin off its natural hydration barrier

Less acne breakouts: not wearing makeup can decrease the oiliness of your skin and getting clogged pores which may lead to breakouts

Less bacteria on your skin: because you use certain tools (makeup brushes, sponges, even your fingers!) to apply your makeup, bacteria can remain on these items even if you’re careful to wash them on a daily basis. Your makeup can also be contaminated, especially mascaras, eyeliners, and even pressed powders in compacts

Your fine lines will be less pronounced: the process of applying and removing your makeup can tug on your skin and cause your lines to look more prominent. This is especially a concern around the eye area where your skin is more sensitive and prone to accelerated ageing.

While going makeup-free is not for everybody all the time, there’s no harm in letting your skin rest, breathe and self-rejuvenate from time to time. Focus on consistent and quality skincare, incorporating healthy lifestyle habits and let the beauty of your complexion shine through on its own! 

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