Which Skincare Product Is An Essential For Winter?

Thankfully, we’re now past the milestone of Blue Monday. That means we can finally look forward to the emergence of spring over the coming months. As the evenings get lighter, it’s time to take stock of our skincare routine. After all, we’re still paying the price of the colder winter months. Skin feels irritated, rough, dehydrated and dull. It desperately needs an intensive boost of hydration. Not only that, but some gentle exfoliation and structural help from within to resurface and retexture skin, giving way to the radiant complexion that’s waiting beneath.

Obagi Hydrate®

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If these concerns sound familiar, we’ve got the perfect products to add to your winter skin repertoire. it’s time to become acquainted with Obagi’s best-selling, clinically proven hydration duo. First up is Obagi Hydrate®, your new daily moisturiser. It’s perfect for all skin types, from oily to sensitive, is gentle and doesn’t clog pores either. This dermatologist tested product is also hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and calming too. It offers phenomenal hydration and has been clinically proven to improve moisture content and provide moisturisation for up to 8 hours. How?  Obagi Hydrate® contains the supercharged ingredient called Hydromanil™. If you’ve not heard of this ingredient before, it's the key to long-lasting hydration. 

Here’s the lowdown on Hydromanil™. It’s derived from the Tara Seed and is highly effective at retaining water. Dehydrated skin, really, really needs water!  Hydromanil™ molecules form a matrix on the skin’s surface. This ensures that the molecules form a barrier and consequently, remain on the cells for longer. This is beneficial in two ways. Thirsty skin is immediately nourished, but importantly, further water loss is prevented. Additionally, the tightly interwoven matrix holds water in the layers of the skin, gradually delivering nourishment from active compounds over time. That’s how it can provide long-lasting hydration. Skin cells are actively transformed from within, correcting damage to them to reveal healthier and more youthful looking skin.

It’s not all about Hydromanil™ though. OBAGI Hydrate® also contains other fantastically enriching natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Avocado Oil. Within 6 weeks of continuous use, you’ll begin to notice visible improvements. Normal healthy cells move to the skin's surface faster, melanin cells are distributed more easily, and collagen and elastin production is increased. You can expect to see:

  • Reduction of wrinkles

  • Some fading of freckles and dark spots

  • Tightening of pores

  • Subsidence of redness and flaking

  • Skin is smooth, supple, rejuvenated and healthy-looking

Obagi Hydrate Luxe®

Now that’s your daytime hydration covered, meet the innovative and rather luxurious OBAGI Hydrate Luxe®. This is your go-to evening moisturiser, specifically engineered to give extra-strength moisturisation overnight. Obagi Hydrate Luxe® also uses cutting edge Hydromanil™ technology to provide instant and gradual moisture delivery

This ultra-rich formula also contains the signature combination of Shea butter, Mango butter and Avocado Oil, as well as key biomimetic peptides. During the evening and overnight, skin works hard, renewing and replenishing. It sounds very technical but simply put, biomimetic peptides are synthetic compounds that are identical to amino acid sequences (building blocks of proteins) produced by organisms. These building blocks have powerful anti-ageing properties and also sync with the nightly skin functions. 

We mentioned earlier that skin needs gentle exfoliation at this time of the year. Obagi Hydrate Luxe® also targets rough texture, dry patches and dull-looking skin. There’s no need for harsh abrasives though. Obagi’s night-time formulation naturally exfoliates the skin whilst you sleep without loss of hydration. That’s the secret to the radiant, smooth, supple skin that you’ll awaken with! 

This really is the ultimate hydrator for defending against that big winter skin concern, dryness. Aside from its obvious night-time application, you can use Obagi Hydrate Luxe® whenever skin needs a boost of deep moisturisation. It’s a great product for mature skin as it can be used to target fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet and improve their appearance.  

Don’t miss out on the intensely hydrating and anti-ageing benefits of Obagi’s powerful facial moisturisers. You can use them as standalone products or they complement the products within the Obagi Nu Derm System.

Treat your dehydrated winter skin to a dose of intense nourishment with active, transformative ingredients that work at a cellular level. Emerge into spring with the soft, smooth, rejuvenated skin you’ve always dreamed about.

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