Why men's skincare should be normalised in 2022

It seems strange that women have been encouraged to take care of their skin over the centuries, but men haven’t. It does beg the question why? After all, men suffer all the same skin complaints as women, like breakouts, sensitivity, wrinkles, and sun damage. And as we’ve come to learn, many men also experience confidence and self-esteem issues because of the condition of their skin. 

Could it be that men have been conditioned not to vocalise these concerns as much, instead preferring to suffer in silence, embarrassed that they’re not being manly enough. In all honesty, there are probably many different factors that have created the past stigma including a culture focused on masculinity, taboos that have prevented men from talking openly, and in the past, a lack of understanding around male skin.

Thankfully, fast forward to 2022 and we’re all a lot more clued up on the subject. Male skincare has become so normal that you can easily scroll through Instagram or the net and find several male skinfluencers talking about their daily routines, countless adverts for male skin products and all sorts of tips and advice on male grooming. 

Not only that, but there’s a much greater understanding of the structure of male skin, care of the science community and cosmeceutical companies. It turns out that whilst the main concerns of both genders essentially are the same, there are some important differences between male and female skin.

Differences between Male and Female Skin

Men have much more testosterone than women which affects their skin. It’s thicker with a tougher texture and annoyingly for the females reading this, they have more collagen giving it a firmer, more resilient appearance. That’s why men often appear to age more slowly than their female counterparts. 

Men also have more active sebaceous glands often leading to an oily, or combination complexion, a proneness to acne and larger pores. Then there’s facial hair which can cause irritation, sensitivity, and blocked hair follicles, coupled with shaving which can worsen all these issues.

Why Should Men Use Skincare?

Men should use skincare products for exactly the same reasons as women! That is, to clean, moisturise and protect their skin from external aggressors that damage it, like the sun, diet, alcohol, chemicals, wind and cold.

Looking after the complexion with a daily skin care routine, will not only improve its appearance but will help keep it looking healthy and youthful, for longer.

Men’s Skincare

Most men make the time and effort to brush their teeth and shave, so why not factor in a little more time to add in a couple of quick and easy skincare products? We’re talking about steps that require minimal effort but pay dividends for your skin.

A super-easy way of incorporating a face cleanser is to use it whilst you rinse after shaving. We recommend applying a couple of pumps of Dr Barbara Sturm Cleanser with your hand in circular movements to the face. This foaming cleanser gently clears the dermis of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling completely balanced and hydrated.   

Then swiftly apply toner to the entire face with a cotton ball or square, avoiding the eye area. This will restore the skin’s pH whilst simultaneously purifying and tightening the skin and reducing pores. Not sure which toner to get? Our vote is with the revolutionary Obagi® Toner which will revitalise the complexion like no other. Not to mention that this multi-tasking toner also improves the appearance of dark spots, pores, and the visible signs of ageing too!

You can follow on with Obagi Hydrate®, an innovative moisturiser that combats the signs of ageing, with particular potency at targeting fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This is the one to leave your skin feeling fresh, healthy, and hydrated. For optimal results, use it both morning and evening as the last step in your routine.

Brushing your teeth at night? It’s also the perfect time to smooth over a corrective serum that gets to work whilst you have some shut eye. IS CLINICAL White Lightening Serum expertly retextures the complexion with its clever formulation of potent botanical ingredients that gently exfoliate the skin through the night. Pop it on and let it absorb before applying your moisturiser. Expect smoother, brighter skin, the appearance of smaller pores and a more even skin tone. Now how’s that for super-healthy skin!

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