Skinade Anti-Aging Collagen Drink - 60 Day Course Sachets

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Skinade is a multi-award winning, natural mangosteen and peach flavoured anti-aging collagen drink which contains a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that aims to help boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Skinade Anti-Ageing Collagen Drink helps to:

  • Visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin hydration
  • A smoother and more radiant complexion
  • Balancing and regulating oil production for clearer skin

Drinking Skinade Collagen Drink on a daily basis results in firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and repairs connective tissue, so you’ll also benefit from stronger, healthier and faster-growing hair and nails.

After using Skinade Collagen Drink, consumers have reported the following results:

After 4 to 6 days they begin to feel a difference in their skin: It is softer and more hydrated.
After 10 to 14 days they begin to see a visible difference in their skin: It is more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing.
Between 2 to 4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
After the 4 to 6 weekly skin-renewal cycle, the improvements continue to build. Individual results will vary but, with continued use on a daily basis, your skin will continue to improve.

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For best results, drink one sachet of Skinade Anti-Ageing Collagen each morning after breakfast (for skinade to be effective, it needs to become part of your daily skincare regime).

The Skinade formula is protected by patent applications and contains six active ingredients:

- Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides – 7,000mg (7g) in each bottle/sachet with a low molecular weight of 2kDa, making them one of the smallest collagen peptides available within marketed collagen drinks. Sourced from fresh water fish skin which gives them a high level of type I and type III collagen and high levels of amino acids. This matches the human collagen types for skin production.

- Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) – which protects against free radical damage and helps with collagen production and maintenance. Vitamin C also helps with the absorption of the collagen peptides.

- Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2 - Riboflavin, B3 - Niacin, B5, B6, B7 - Biotin, B9 - Folic acid and B12) – which prevents oxidative stress and promotes healthy, clear skin.

- MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) – 1,000mg (1g) is an organic sulphur that aids collagen and keratin formation.

- Organic Flax Seed Oil – 45mg, typically provides 26mg of alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3) and 7mg of linoleic acid (Omega 6), which helps improve dry and oily skin.

- L-lysine – 124mg, is an amino acid essential in the process of rebuilding within the collagen matrix.

Skinade does not contain bovine or porcine products, hormones, genetically modified organisms, alcohol, added sugar, artificial flavours or artificial colours and is free from lactose, gluten and dairy. It does contain marine collagen, sourced from fresh-water fish, so is not suitable for strict vegans or vegetarians.


Water, Hydrolysed marine collagen, concentrated grape juice, methylsulphonylmethane (MSM), citric acid, natural flavourings, calcium ascorbate, Vitamin B complex (B3 (nicotinamide), B5 (calcium pantothenate), B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), B1 (thiamine hydrochloride), B2 (riboflavin), B7 (L-biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12 (cobalamin), L-lysine, preservative: potassium sorbate, organic flax seed oil, sweetener: sucralose. 

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