Kelo-cote Scar Gel - The Best Product for Stretch Marks and Scaring

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A scar may remind you of the immense pain that you’ve gone through physically. And whilst scars may be a positive reminder of the pain you’ve overcome, generally what they leave behind can be pretty nasty. Well, if you are wondering how to get rid of those scars or perhaps you want to reduce the appearance of natural stretch marks, then picking a scar removal product that actually works is key. That means opting for one that has a proven record of repairing skin effectively, safely and at an aggressive rate. The Kelo-cote silicone scar gel is one such revolutionary formulation that produces amazing results. If you choose to let a scar heal on its own, then it might be an endless wait. Depending on your skin type, some scars don’t heal easily and may take a long time to fade naturally. But with highly effective scar removal products, such as Kelo-cote, you can watch even the most stubborn scars and stretch marks fade away.

The Science Behind Getting Rid of Scars

Research in the field of scar reduction puts silicone at the forefront of scarring treatments. The reason is silicone’s ability to reduce the overgrowth of collagen, which is responsible for scarring. Additionally, silicone’s hydrating properties help flatten and fade scars. If you are wondering how to integrate the powerful characteristics of silicone and get rid of scars and stretchmarks, well then Kelo-cote silicone scar gel is the answer.

Carefully formulated with an ultra-hydrating silicone formula to treat abnormal scars, the Kelo-cote scar removal gel is highly effective in removing hypertrophic scars, keloids, and other stubborn abnormal scars. Additionally, silicone helps modulate the growth of cells, which are responsible for creating scarring of the skin. So it’s not only a healer, but a preventative too, which for us dermatologists is always a win, win!

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What is the Kelo-Cote scAR Gel?

Well, it is the precise blend of silicones that adds to the effectiveness of Kelo-cote as a scar removal gel. Known as the Siliclear Complex, the unique blend of silicones enables the FDA-approved Kelo-cote formula to cross link and dry out quickly, without leaving any mess on the skin. Upon drying, it forms an invisible, thin waterproof layer, which is non-greasy.

Regular application produces the most effective results, reducing the appearance of tough scars and stretchmarks. If you are sensitive to smell, you’re in luck as the Kelo-cote gel is also odorless. 

Its potency as a scar removal formula has made the Kelo-cote gel a favourite with dermatologists and the medical community since 1998. 

The highly powerful and clinically proven formula reduces itch, redness, pain, and hardness associated with scarring. It softens and flattens elevated scars and provides an even skin tone.

The revolutionary product is effective in not only the treatment of scars, but also prevention of abnormal scar formation.  Whether you are suffering from scars and stretch marks from surgery, C-section, burns, or trauma, the Kelo-cote is the safest and most effective treatment for scar reduction.

How does the Kelo-cote silicone Gel Work to Heal Scars?

The Kelo-cote scar gel promotes cell renewal and brightens the skin, improving its tone and elasticity. The regular application of the gel after the wound has healed works to reduce redness and flatten the bumpy site. 

As a stretch mark removal formula, the gel is also suitable for use on children and ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. You can use it as a remedy as well as prevention at any stage of life to even out the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Additionally, for the prevention and treatment of abnormal scars, slather a layer of the scar gel as soon as stitches are removed. Sun can worsen the healing of scars so it’s also a good idea to cover the scarring site when stepping out in the sun to prevent further damage and promote efficient healing.

Scars are never a fun thing to bear, especially in the summer season or during holidays when it comes to wearing a bathing suit. We get that scars can severely impact your overall confidence and alter your body image. So if you have always wanted to overcome these feelings and get rid of tough scars for good, you can trust Kelo-cote silicone gel for its high potency and effectiveness. Recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike, this is one of your best bets to tackle stubborn scars.  

If you are still wondering how to get rid of scars or stretch marks, invest in the Kelo-cote scar gel today and get ready to see impressive results following just a few applications. 


Latest update: 20/07/2020
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