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Dr Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite BodyWare Pro

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Helps Treat: Blemishes, fine lines and volume loss

Feels Like: A tool

Recommended For: Those looking for an at home treatment to turn back the clock and reduce blemishes, for younger, clearer skin

Reduce blemishes in just days with the Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Bodyware Pro. This FDA cleared light therapy device works to effectively reduce acne, visible signs of ageing as well as relieve mild muscle and joint pain on the body.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Bodyware Pro will sit comfortably over various areas of the body so you can target your treatments to the areas you need it most.

The device has both a blue and red LED light setting, with a total of 148 red LED lights and 68 blue LED lights. There are three key settings to choose from, red light only, blue light only or red and blue light therapy.

Red LED light therapy is best for anti-ageing. It stimulates collagen production which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This form of LED therapy also reduces inflammation and redness to create a more even tone, whilst relieving muscle and joint pain.

Blue LED light therapy is best for blemish prone skin. Blue LED light fights off acne-causing bacteria, which will help to reduce future breakouts, for clearer skin. Expect to see a reduction of blemishes in just a few weeks. Within 10 days you should see a reduction in blemishes, and fine lines will begin to fade. In just 10 weeks, collagen production will have increased significantly and deeper wrinkles will visibly improve.

The Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Bodyware Pro kit includes:

  • DRx SpectraLite ™BodyWare Pro
  • Universal USB charging cord
  • Storage bag
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
How to Use

Place the device over clean, dry skin. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to switch on the device. Press again to select your light setting.

The treatment will last 3 minutes.

For pain relief use the device for the programmed time of 14 minutes. The device will automatically turn off after the treatment time is complete. For optimal results use daily.

Key benefits
  • Reduces blemishes
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Reduces deeper wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Reduces joint and muscle pain
  • Reduces breakouts within days


Youthful, plump looking skin with minimised signs of ageing and reduced blemishes and inflamation




Use daily, placing the device over clean, dry skin for the programmed time of 14 minutes



Red and blue LED therapy stimulates collagen production to fight off acne-causing bacteria


Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite BodyWare Pro

    • Does red light therapy help sagging skin?
      • Yes, low-energy LED red lights penetrate deep into the skin to promote the production of collagen, helping to visibly improve aging skin.
    • How often should I use LED light therapy at home?
      • The recommended usage is up to 5 times per week for the programmed time.
    • Do dermatologists recommend red light therapy?
      • LED light therapy is a safe and common treatment for various skin problems, often used by dermatologists.
    • Is LED light therapy safe for skin?
      • LED light therapy is safe for all skin types, however, you should consult a medical professional if you are unsure. LED light therapy can half wound healing time, acne, rejuvenation, and more.
    • How can I achieve the best results with my Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite Bodywear Pro?
      • We suggest for optimal results, use the device once daily per treatment site and follow with Alpha Beta® Exfoliating Body Treatment 2-3x times weekly.

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