Anna Saccone's Night-Time Skincare Routine

Anna Saccone is a much loved Youtuber with a whopping 1.1M subscribers! Known for her open and honest channel, chatting about all things from family, fashion, beauty and lifestyle down to her skincare routine. 

Last week Anna Saccone did a tell-all video about her night-time skincare face routine that helped her to tackle spots and her acne prone complexion. We were so excited to hear about her skincare routine that helps keep her complexion clear, we thought we had to share with all of you here at Skinstation!

Aanna Saccone’s Night-Time Skincare Routine

Oil Balm Cleanser

Anna Saccone begins her night time skincare routine with an oil balm cleanser. Oil balm cleansers are a perfect first skincare step as they are no match for makeup, including pesky waterproof mascara. Following Saccone’s lead, start by gently massaging your oil balm cleanser onto dry skin, allowing it to melt away makeup and any built up dirt from the day. Once you have massaged away stubborn makeup, use a warm damp cleansing cloth to gently remove the cleanser and deliver soft exfoliation. Anna Saccone’s top tip here is to make sure you get into your hairline where residue makeup may be missed. We are definitely taking notes!

Obagi Clenziderm Foaming Cleanser

If you take away anything from Anna Saccone’s skincare routine, it is double cleansing. Adding this additional step will ensure you remove any makeup that was missed from the first cleanse which could lead to clogged pores and a buildup of bacteria - the perfect storm for acne and spots. 

Using the Obagi Clenziderm Foaming Cleanser from Skinstation, Saccone begins by wetting her hands slightly, taking a small amount of foaming cleanser and creating a foam between her fingers. Next, she gently rubs the foaming cleanser onto her face and neck. Following Anna’s lead, remove the Obagi Clenziderm Foaming Cleanser using a clean damp cleansing cloth. Saccone adds “us warm water, not too hot” as she knows hot water can strip your face of those precious and hydrating natural oils!

Obagi Clenziderm Pore Therapy Toner

The next step in Saccone’s night-time skincare routine is the Obagi Clenziderm Pore Therapy Toner from Skinstation. Adding 3 pumps onto a cotton pad, she sweeps it onto her whole face, neck and chest. She remarks that “even after the double cleanse, it still picks up makeup”- adding this step into your night time routine like Anna Saccone will not only clean deep within  your pores and exfoliate away dead skin cells, but it will also ensure your skin is completely removed of makeup and ward off any future breakouts.

Clenziderm Therapeutic Lotion 

For the next step in Anna’s skincare routine, it is another acne-fighting Obagi product, the Obagi Clenziderm Therapeutic Lotion. This skincare product is designed for acne sufferers, formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide. This wonder ingredient works deep down into the follicles beneath your skin, targeting acne at its source. Saccone’s notes, “I put it onto areas where I am prone to getting breakouts, which is basically the T zone, my forehead, around my nose and chin”.

Using a hydration facial serum Anna instructs to add a “drop on your forehead and cheeks and take it down your neck”. This is a top tip that is often missed, taking your facial skin care down onto your neck and decolletage. These areas can be frequently missed, but still go through all of the stressors your face does and deserve the same loving treatment your face does!

Night cream

Finally, Saccone’s night-time skincare routine is finished off with a hydrating night cream to lock in moisture and all of the powerful ingredients from her skincare routine to ensure she wakes up with a youthful and dewy glow. 

You can watch Anna Saccone’s full night-time skincare routine video here.

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