Drew Barrymore's Obagi Skincare Favourites

With their faces appearing in all of our magazines, across our social media and on the big screen, it is no wonder skincare from celebs is one of the most Googled skincare questions. Their flawless faces sashaying up and down the red carpet can have us all asking ‘what skincare products are they using, and where can I get it?!”

A prime example of a skincare routine from a celeb that we truly admire is Drew Barrymore and her flawless skin. Drew Barrymore has been appearing on our screens for over four decades now, not that you could ever tell by her complexion. Known for her rosy cheeks and dewy look, Drew Barrymore's skin routine is one we are definitely keen to emulate. Her youthful and natural glow is a testament to her well considered skin routine. So what exactly does she use to giver her these enviable results? The answer, Obagi skincare...

“I am a long-time fan of Obagi Medical. 3 Clear is a gentle little lightener and Number 5 Blender can be combined to dilute retinols. The whole line and collection has been around for many, many years, and it is a staple of dermatologists. I am a long-time fan. They have a ton of products. Maybe seek it out and see if there is anything that is suitable for you.” We are taking notes Drew!

What Is Obagi Nu-Derm Clear FX?

One of Drew Barrymore’s personal favourite Obagi skincare products is listed as the Nu-derm Clear FX. This Obagi Medical skincare product is a uniquely formulated face cream that is specifically designed to lighten dark spots and give yourself an all over even complexion. No wonder Barrymore’s skin still looks so youthful! This Obagi Medical skincare product is suitable for most skin types and is non-prescription, making it a product that you can easily fit into your skincare ritual. 

What Are The Benefits Of Obagi Medical Skincare?

Without using bleach or any other harsh chemicals, this Obagi skincare product is the one to choose if you are looking to create an all over even complexion and reduce hyper-pigmentation. Regular use of Obagi Clear FX will improve the appearance of dark spots and melasma. If you have also experienced sun damage, regular use of this Obagi Medical face cream will help to reverse the signs and reduce the appearance of sunspots. In addition to reducing pigmentation, Obagi Clear FX improves breakouts and reduces acne, all working towards giving you a clear and Drew Barrymore-esque complexion.

How Does Obagi Nu-Derm Clear FX Work?

To help you achieve your dream glow, the Obagi Clear FX is rich in antioxidants, arbutin and vitamins. The Obagi Clear FX is packed with 7% arbutin which is a natural plant extract that inhibits the production of melanin by slowing down the enzyme called tyrosinase. This helps Barrymore and other users to keep their skin looking fresh and bright!

Another champion ingredient used in this Obagi Medical skincare product is Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Both of these are naturally powerful antioxidants that inhibit free radicals, aiding with the appearance of sun damage, as well as promoting the natural production of collagen. This helps your skin to stay firm and plump as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Win win!

How To Use Obagi Nu-Derm Clear FX?

To use the Obagi Nu-derm Clear FX, apply to any areas of hyperpigmentation twice daily. Simple.

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