Easy 5 Step Self-Care Skin Routine

There are a host of different self-care and skincare routines that are on trend right now. From go-to basic routines, to morning and evening routines and even complex 8 or 12-step routines, it can be easy to get caught up  in all the hype and lose track of what your skin really needs. While there isn’t necessarily any harm in having a lengthy skincare routine, something to be mindful of is how all the products your using interact with each other and of course, ensuring that you’re routine is something you can realistically manage on a daily or regular basis so that it’s something you can maintain consistently.

Sometimes, you may need a very comprehensive skincare routine, but other times, you may find that simple and easy will actually better work in your favour! The fewer the products that you’re using, the easier it might be for you to stick to that routine without skipping it altogether on those days where you’re short of time or just not feeling up to it. Don’t forget too, that in some cases we could also end up doing more harm than good if we overcomplicate our routines and use more products than we need to.  

1. Cleanse

Always start your regimen by cleansing your face for a clean canvas. This includes using a makeup remover to remove stubborn, waterproof makeup that has been sitting on your skin for the entire day. Afterward, use a gentle facial cleanser that will remove excess oil, dirt, makeup, and skincare residue. Once or twice a week, you should also consider using an exfoliator to help slough off dead skin cells to regenerate and reveal fresh looking skin underneath. 

2. Tone

Toners usually act as a second cleansing method for any dirt that your cleanser wasn’t able to wash off initially. Some toners also act as a pH balancing agent and have moisturising properties that prep your skin for the next skincare product that you’re going to apply within your routine.

3. Use Serums

These potent formulations offer powerful benefits for your skin like no other. They’re usually best for targeting specific skin concerns like acne, anti-ageing and soothing dry and flaky skin and come in a range of different forms to suit your skin’s needs.

4. Moisturise

Regardless of whether you have oily or dry skin, it is always recommended that you moisturise. Not only do moisturisers help nourish and hydrate your skin, but they also seal in all the goodness that you have slathered onto your face in the serum step of your skincare routine. Other moisturisers offer additional benefits like soothing, brightening and anti-ageing which you can opt for if you need an added boost of nourishment or skin-healing benefits. 

5. Protect

During the day, the last step of your skincare routine should be to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Regardless of how cloudy or rainy it is outside, it’s important to always protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Just because you can’t see the sun, it doesn’t mean that these rays aren’t being reflected or that it’s not penetrating even the cloudiest of weather!

Whilst the above 5-step skincare routine should make up the basis of your self-care routine, it’s certainly not a sin to add additional steps as and when needed. For instance, you could add a face mask a couple of times a week, if you think your skin needs the rejuvenating powers of a good leave-on treatment. You can also of course add spot treatments if you are acne-prone and you need the help of products to control your breakouts. It all boils down to being flexible to what your skin needs on any given day and finding the right products that will help you address these skin concerns in a way that suits your skin type. Just remember, it’s not always about piling on tons of products, but being selective and finding quality products that work for you!

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