Everything You Need To Know About 111skin

Who Are 111Skin?

Eminent Harley Street surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides is well-known for his pioneering surgical work that led to transformative results. Indeed, surgeons around the world watched with bated breath when he inserted a pure-collagen sponge soaked with an ingredient named NAC under his client’s skin. What happened? Epidermal strengthening, scar reduction and a radiant, youthful appearance were achieved. It was a huge breakthrough, but Dr Yannis realised that not everyone could afford cosmetic surgery nor wished to go to such extreme lengths to achieve healthier, youthful skin.


And thus, 111SKIN came into being. This surgical inspired skincare brand is the brainchild of Dr Yannis. Its aim? To target specific skin concerns and produce incredible anti-ageing results. And it’s not going to come as any kind of shock when we tell you that he’s nailed it.


Something else to highlight is that this is a skincare brand with ethics. Co-founder, Eva Alexandrides is passionate about the brand’s sustainability, responsible sourcing, and ethical consumerism which is why 111SKIN was awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Logo. 111SKIN proudly supports the charity Women for Women International, helping survivors of war rebuild their lives, which couldn’t be more relevant with what’s happening in the Ukraine right now.


Being cruelty-free is a strong ethos that runs throughout the skincare company. It’s not all talk either, they’ve instigated cruelty-free and vegan policy pledges that the brand does not conduct, contract out or fund animal testing in the developing, manufacturing or marketing of their products. 

111Skin Face Masks

111SKIN face masks are creating a huge buzz out there in the beauty sphere. These are the face masks that you’ll see supermodels wearing backstage when they’re getting run-way ready, the ones you’ll read about in Glamour magazine and the A-lister must-have that you hear them banging on about when they give out their beauty tips.


We could spend all day talking about 111SKIN face masks frankly because they’re so damn good! It was hard, but we’ve managed to apply some restraint though so read below to find out about the celeb’s favourite 111SKIN mask.


111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask


The ultimate double-action anti-ageing mask, this supplies targeted treatment to the face to restore skin laxity as well as minimising fine lines and wrinkles. 


Goji Glycopeptides in the upper mask swiftly get to work on tell-tale frown lines and wrinkles, visibly smoothing and softening their appearance especially across the forehead and around eyes. 

The lower mask has multiple collagen-stimulating properties to plump the jawline, cheeks, and lips. After use, expect a brighter, tighter, more youthful complexion!

To see the full range of 111SKIN face masks,click here.

111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2


Formulated with the innovative, transformative NAC Y2, this is the culmination of scientific research into anti-ageing skincare that’s fit for astronauts.


This is a potent lightweight advanced gel that repairs, hydrates and renews skin. The result? It instantly lifts and firms the eye area, caffeine brightens and reduces the appearance of dark circles, calming aloe vera minimises puffiness whilst hexapeptides softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is also in there to protect against free radical damage.


It’s the perfect eye gel to bring lift, snap and bounce back to the eyes leaving you looking refreshed, awakened, and youthful.


Anti-ageing isn’t always about targeting the skin’s surface though. What’s going inside our bodies is just as important too!


111Skin Reparative Beauty Dose Capsules


These gems are a fantastic anti-ageing supplement to detoxify skin cells, supply optimum levels of nutrients like Vitamins E, C, A, Coenzyme Q10 and Glutathione and offer a powerful antioxidant protective action to limit further damage to skin.


You’ll also be impressed to hear that they’re based on the original supplements given to astronauts to prevent rapid ageing whilst in space making them one of the most effective anti-ageing products today.   

111Skin: A Ground-Breaking Brand

111SKIN continues to be at the forefront of scientific skincare, developing even more ground-breaking products. One of these is 111Skin Cryo ATP Sports

Booster, a unique concentrated solution that replicates the effects of intense cold on the skin.


This cutting-edge formulation is ideal for illuminating dull, lacklustre skin, refining texture and open pores or for using post-work-out when skin is hot, sweaty, and blotchy. It works by mimicking extreme cold which wakes up the skin cells and energises them. Think of it a bit like how unbelievably energised and stimulated we’d feel after freezing open water swim except this is on a cellular level!


Star ingredient, Adenosine Triphosphate (otherwise known as ATP) is a complex, natural, organic chemical that’s also a precursor to DNA. This cellular powerhouse optimises skin’s cellular function by responding to the energy needs of our cells, encouraging more oxygen to the cells and providing energy where needed. 


Ribose helps to stimulate the synthesis of ATP, meaning that it increases the chemical processes that happen within a cell, so they work more effectively and more frequently, which in turn energises the skin. Yarrow, another potent botanical extract complements this all-powerful formulation, brightening, retexturizing and accelerating cell turnover.

For sure, 111SKIN is at the forefront of skincare, continually pushing the frontiers when it comes to ingredients, formulations, and visible results. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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