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Face Mist vs Face Oil: Which is Right For You?

Cutting through the advertising puff for facial products can be pretty tricky, can’t it? After all, they always sound like the next miracle product. And whilst most of us have got cleanse, tone and moisturise nailed, it’s the follow-on products that often get us confused. 

Facial mists and facial oils are two much-misunderstood products, frequently omitted from the daily skincare routine. It’s a real shame because they have important roles to play in keeping skin healthy and youthful looking. So, read on to find out why you might be missing out on these secret weapons for achieving beautiful skin.

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What is Face Mist?

Mist products are one of the top multi-taskers of the skincare world. Formulated with ultra-fine droplets, they’re cool, light, and perfect for summertime, holidaying abroad, post exercise, and air travel. Not to mention that they can be used regularly throughout the day to address different skin care needs. 

There are different types of mist on the market though, so do your research beforehand. Fixing mists prime and mattify the skin for make-up and set it in place. Thermal water mists, on the other hand, contain water with a higher mineral content and give a boost of hydration to skin. 

The newest kid on the block, however, is the moisturising mist. These are formulated with additional active, nourishing ingredients to transform skin from within, soothe sensitivity, promote longer-lasting hydration, and leave the user with a to-die for natural glow.

Fancy trying a facial mist? We’re big fans of Dr. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist, a weightless, ultra-fine facial mist, brimming with lots of skincare goodies and suitable for all types of skin.  Advanced technology has been used to produce a potent formulation that intelligently combines low and high weighted hyaluronic acid molecules to leave skin plumper and dewier, reducing the formation of wrinkles. 

With a trio of soothing ingredients, this is also a must-have mist for sensitive skin. Anti-ageing Purslane protects skin from environmental stressors and soothes redness and irritation at the same time. An active ingredient derived from prickly pear contains Vitamin E, exceptionally high in antioxidant properties which also helps calm irritation. Delivering a third blow to irritated skin are the detoxifying extracts derived from Lemon, Aloe Vera, and Broccoli, gently stimulating for the complexion as well as great for addressing sensitivity and irritation.

You can incorporate this moisturising mist into your morning routine after SPF, before applying make-up. Then, simply reapply your mist at regular intervals throughout the day to freshen make-up and keep skin hydrated.

What is Face Oil

Face oils tend to be heavier than a mist and can be applied as part of the morning and evening skincare routine. The ultimate nourisher for dry and dehydrated skin, these lock in moisture whilst delivering other active ingredients to the skin. 

You might be forgiven for wincing at the thought of putting more oil on your skin if you have an oilier skin type. Fortunately these days, facial oils are easily absorbed, can regulate oily skin in the right combination and play an important part in anti-ageing. It’s because natural plant oils contain a huge number of antioxidants. And what do antioxidants do? They slow down damage from free radicals which means that the ageing process is slowed down.

Our favourite facial oil has to be cult-favourite, Lumity Nutrients Facial Oil. This easily absorbed ‘liquid gold’ is formulated from a powerful combination of naturally rich phytonutrients, 32 ingredients to be exact. Creator, Dr Sara Palmer Hussey PhD chose only the purest, most nutritious, and therapeutic  plant oils and extracts and sourced these from across the world. 

You can expect to find skincare superfoods such as Manuka, Macadamia and Buriti Fruit Oil in there, working in synergy to deliver advanced moisture to the skin, reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier and noticeably improving fine lines and wrinkles. On application, this luxurious oil penetrates deeply into the skin cells and instantly begins its transformative action, leaving the complexion supple, healthy, and gloriously radiant

It’s also effortlessly easy to add this facial oil into your daily routine. Simply apply half a dropper morning and evening after cleansing. As always, listen to your skin’s demands. When it feels thirstier, give it what it needs and apply a little more.

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