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Find Out Which Celebrities Love 111Skin

It seems that wherever you look 111Skin is being talked about by beauty aficionados. It’s not really surprising since 111Skin was born out of Dr Yannis Alexandrides pioneering surgical work. With results driven formulas and an admirable cruelty free ethos, there’s much to like about this clinical-grade skincare range. And like it the celebs do!!

It's already got an impressive fanbase. VIP supporters include Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, Victoria Beckham, Priyanka Chopra and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley. Why do they love 111Skin sheet masks so much? It’s because these A-listers share something in common. They need to look flawless whether on the catwalk, in front of the camera or on the big screen. 111Skin is the brand that can deliver exceptional, instant non-surgical results. There’s your answer!

Why The Celebs Love 111Skin

Sheet masks are normally infused with a single formula to treat the whole face. Typically, skin receives an instant boost of hydration, but results don’t last that long. 111Skin’s multi-formula masks are on a completely different level. Firstly, they’re segmented into different zones. In fact, each area of the mask is infused with its own zone-specific formula. Not just that, but this luxury range of surgery inspired face and eye sheet masks are full of powerful ingredients.

Using state of the art technology, 111Skin’s advanced Hydrogel formula allows more of the mask’s ingredients to penetrate the skin than regular masks. This complete saturation ensures that the benefits of the mask’s powerful ingredients are optimised. Skin is instantly calmed, brightened, and tightened on a cellular level. So, if you’re looking for visible, long-lasting results based on Clinical research, then 111Skin’s sheet masks are your must-have product.

Celebrities Favourite 111Skin Masks

Award winning actress, Margo Robbie, recently told Vogue that she became obsessed with 111Skin after her make-up artist, Patti Dubroff got her hooked. It all came about because her make-up artist applies a mask pre red carpet. If you need instant radiance, 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask is your go-to pre-event mask. The Hydrogel formula infuses the skin with radiance boosting ingredients like 24K Gold Extract and Damask Rose. Gold brightens and evens skin tone, whilst also improving circulation. Damask Rose is famed for its nourishing and hydrating properties. After use, expect instantly glowing, radiant skin, perfect for that big event. 

If you’d like to treat eyes to an intense boost of hydration, then opt for 111Skin Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask. Pomegranate seed cell culture has been included within this potent formulation containing 24K Gold Extract and Damask Rose because of its superb brightening effect. Yeast protein, rich in amino acids, peptides and proteins illuminates the skin underneath the eye. Banish dark, tired eyes and say hello to radiant, glowing, and firm skin. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate anti-ageing sheet mask, try 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask. You’ll be in great company. This is the one that Kim Kardashian West reportedly uses for treating her face, neck and décolletage. She’s even shared snaps of herself wearing these sheet masks!  This comprehensive mask targets three different zones of the face and décolletage. Skin appearance is optimised, and signs of ageing are minimised. The upper mask utilises Goji Glycopeptides which smooths the appearance of fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles, across the forehead and around eyes. The lower mask, packed with multiple collagen-stimulating properties plumps the area around the jawline, cheeks, and lips. The neck and décolletage mask contains the hero ingredient, Progeline, a biometric peptide, exceptional at firming and sculpting this delicate skin area. After use, you can expect skin to look visibly firmer and plumper with diminished fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

For optimal anti-ageing results, use 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask alongside Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Mask. This much talked about eye mask targets the tell-tale signs of ageing around the eye area. Retinol, part of the Vitamin A family, works to increase cell turnover. Effectively, skin is left smoother, with an even texture and tone and noticeably diminished fine lines and wrinkles. Rosehip has been added to this powerful combination to aid skin repair, also targeting fine lines and wrinkles. You may not have heard of the next ingredient, Argireline. It’s a hexapeptide that stops muscles from contracting. Simply put, skin is tightened up. Hydrogel delivers the powerful trio, ensuring skin is nourished, plumped up and brightened. A fantastic anti-ageing addition to your skincare routine.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for clearer, purified skin, 111Skin’s Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask is the answer. Also used by Kim Kardashian West to deliver nutrients to the skin, this dual-segment, multi-formula mask targets blemishes and angry and inflamed breakouts. Key ingredient, Microalgae, which features in both segments, balances the microbiome whilst simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin. Alpine Willowherb, used in the upper mask is vital for regulating sebum and Cleome Gynandra, a soothing botanical extract, contained in the lower mask, reduces inflammation. This mask provides tangible results. Expect skin that’s soothed, balanced and purified after use. So, for flawless, celebrity-worthy skin, make 111Skin your new skincare habit.

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