How Long Does It Take A Scar To Fade?

Scars are nature’s way of sealing and protecting an area of your body from bacteria and infection. Great for your body, but not always ideal when it comes to aesthetics. Scar tissue is formed because as time passes, the body replenishes the collagen in that area and whilst doing so, often produces a little more, which results in thicker skin on that particular area. There are different kinds of scars, some are flat and are nearly the same colour of your skin, while others which are typically known as keloid scars can be raised or hypertrophic.

Will A Scar Fade?

Questions surrounding whether a scar will fade are common. As is the question surrounding how long it takes a scar to fade after a wound has healed. There are different ways to reduce the prominence of scars, like surgeries, laser treatments, and topical skincare solutions. However, scar tissue can take quite some time to fade naturally and the result also varies from one person to another. Factors like genes, lifestyle, and even health can also contribute to how fast scar tissue is able to heal.

The KELO-COTE Formula Scar Gel

If you want a highly effective product that can reduce the appearance of your scars without the need of abrasive laser treatments, the Kelo-Cote Formula Scar Gel is highly recommended by professionals. This extraordinary formula is a silicone gel that helps manage and prevent scars. If you have scars from trauma, surgery or burns that have become keloids, this gel is highly recommended for you.

Kelo-cote scar gel dries to a water proof, gas permeable membrane that acts as an extra layer of skin helping your scars to eventually soften and flatten with regular use. This lightweight gel formula helps in maintaining the moisture balance and elasticity of the skin while at the same time, helping to reduce discolouration and the feeling of itchiness associated with scaring. 

Those who have the following scars will greatly benefit from using this scar gel:

Keloid scars

Hypertrophic scars

Plastic surgery scars

Breast reduction scars

Breast implant scars

Tummy tuck scars

Cesarean section scars

Mastectomy scars

Hysterectomy scars

Body contouring scars

Body piercing scars

Cleft lip scars

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