How to Cope With Body Eczema in Winter

Red, itchy inflamed skin carries all the hallmark signs of eczema. But did you know that while it’s a condition usually associated with childhood, it often continues well into adulthood, sometimes even striking for the first time then too. And when it does, it can leave us wondering why it’s happened and what to do? Not to mention the fact that it can cause a relentless itch, sore and unsightly scabs, severely affect sleep quality and even lower self-esteem.

What is Eczema?

Also known as Atopic Dermatitis, this frustrating skin condition causes a dry, scaly, itchy rash on the surface of the skin. 

The causes are still not fully understood but it’s believed that eczema is largely passed through genetics, and if you’re a hay fever or asthma sufferer, then you’re also more likely to develop it.

Winter Eczema

If you’re experiencing the signs of eczema right now, you might be asking, ‘why is my eczema flaring up in winter?’

In actual fact, eczema sufferers often experience a flare-up during the colder seasons. It’s all because colder air is drier than normal. Together with the fact that we’re snuggled up indoors, maxing out on central heating, which also sucks the moisture from air, and taking hot baths, it’s really no wonder that our poor skin pays the price.

So, how can you work around this? Obviously, no matter how itchy it can get, you have to adopt a mind over matter approach and avoid scratching. Keeping your body hydrated on the inside and out is another key to combating winter eczema. A few simple changes can help you do this. For instance, drinking plenty of water, using a moisturiser twice daily and any special treatment cream that you’ve been prescribed and opting for warm baths instead of hot baths.

Is Eczema caused by Stress?

During periods of stress and anxiety, the body goes into fight or flight mode, raising levels of cortisol in the system. This has the action of suppressing the immune system and causing an inflammatory response in the skin. Eczema!

The problem is that stress and eczema go hand in hand, one causing the other and vice versa. It can be a difficult cycle to break. And though there isn’t a cure for eczema, it can be managed and kept under control. Reducing stress levels is a great first step, although sometimes easier said than done. 

Eczema and Skin Irritants

Some people’s eczemas or contact dermatitis can also be triggered by skin irritants, like soap, detergents, perfumes, preservatives, and solvent. In short, certain chemicals or ingredients that dry the skin out. So if you’re a sufferer, avoid harsh ingredients and use dermatologically tested products for sensitive skin instead.

Winter Skin products for Sensitive Skin

DR LEVY Switzerland The Enriched Booster Cream

Choose this ultra-hydrating, non-greasy booster cream if you’re looking to reverse the signs of ageing. Ideal for drier skin types, it’s also just the job for cold winter conditions too, making it a great choice for those prone to facial eczema. Delivering the highly potent ArganCellActiv Complex deeply into the skin means longer-lasting hydration and transformative results are a dead cert.

So what makes it so effective? It’s largely down to the innovative formulation, containing a revolutionary complex of plant-derived stem cells, scientifically proven to revitalise the stem cells within your own skin. Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid production are boosted, meaning that with regular use, lines, and wrinkles are reduced. So much so, that when clinical trials took place over the course of 8 weeks, results demonstrated that skin density improved over 12% and wrinkle depth decreased by up to 26%. That’s a helluva lot in skin care terms!

Obagi Hydrate®

Another in-demand daily facial moisturiser, this dermatologically tested hydrator uses the innovative ingredient, Hydromanil™. It’s this wonder ingredient that holds the key to this product’s clinically proven longer-lasting hydration, up to eight hours in fact. That’s way more than most other hydrating creams.

Hydromanil™ molecules, derived from the Tara Seed form a matrix across the skin’s surface, enabling them to remain on the cells for longer. Not only does this mean instant hydration, but moisture is retained, and the molecules are also able to gradually deliver nourishment from other active compounds throughout the course of the day. Truly a breakthrough product that transforms skin cells from within, correcting damage to reveal unbelievably healthier and younger looking skin.

Of course, we know that eczema can crop up anywhere, and the first step in keeping body eczema at bay is extra-strength hydration. That’s where Dr Barbara Sturm’s luxurious, velvety Anti-Ageing Body Cream comes in to quench thirsty skin with that much-needed dose of nourishment.  

It’s a smart blend containing nutrient-rich oils, infused with tightening White Almond and Elderberry Blossom, nourishing Shea Butter and Olive Oil and antioxidant Vitamin C. Perfectly formulated for offering longer-lasting hydration and restoring the skin’s elasticity, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the skin absorbs it.

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