How To Restore Brows Naturally

When it comes to eyebrows, they come in all different shapes, sizes and ‘bushyness.’ Some people naturally have thick, luscious brows, whereas others are thin and barely noticeable. This leads people to rely on eyebrow pencils and products to help give them their desired look.

Or are you suffering from the dreaded ’90s trend of thin eyebrows and being overzealous with your tweezers? This can lead to damaging the hair follicle and halting the regrowth process.

Fixing Damaged Brows

Are you suffering from damaged brows and don’t know how to fix them? Luckily, there are some things you can do to help promote healthy regrowth and enjoy thick and full brows.

After all, your brows help to shape and define your face, they can show people how you are feeling, whether you are surprised, shocked, angry, or thoughtful. Also for practical reasons the thicker the brow the more they can soak up sweat on your face and keep it out of your eyes.

You’re in the right place to find out how to grow fuller brows and the best products to use. In this article, you will find out why your brows are damaged and exactly how to get thick and full brows again.

Why Over-Plucking Damages Your Eyebrows

We have all been there and got carried away in the mirror with a pair of tweezers, but you don’t expect this to damage your eyebrows forever. They were bushy before so surely the hair will naturally just grow back, right? This is not always the case for some people.

Overplucking can lead to damaging the hair follicle as well as scarring and once this takes place, it can ultimately cause a lasting issue.

That is why you need to be mindful of how often you pluck your brows and how meticulous you are. You do not need to use a magnifying mirror and pluck out every hair you see, these are necessary and are on your face for a reason.

Will Brow Hairs Naturally Grow Back?

If you pluck your brows every day and even go for the thin, barely visible hairs then chances are you are going to create too much damage. So, first things first, stop plucking your brows, put the tweezers down and only use them when it is absolutely necessary.

You want to encourage regrowth, so leaving the house with messy eyebrows for a few weeks or months will be a necessary part of this process.

Here are some ways to help you maintain healthy, thick brows:

·         Keep your eyebrows moisturized.

·         Scrub them gently every week.

·         Avoid plucking your eyebrows unnecessarily.

·         Massage your eyebrows daily.

·         Manage your stress levels.

·         Avoid using low-quality and harmful eyebrow makeup.

How To Grow Thick Brows

Wouldn’t it be the dream if a potion to grow luscious and thick brows existed? Well, your dreams have been answered, as you can restore your healthy brows with RevitaLash®, the natural brow and eyelash thickener.

It helps to treat sparse, damaged, and over-plucked brows and lashes. It is a thick creamy masque that will help to restore your brows to their natural thickness.

It is a specially formulated lash and brow masque, that helps to combat both visible and physical stressors that have caused brows and lashes to be weakened.

Our lashes and brows can go through a lot, whether that's overstyling, the daily use of cosmetics products or even a compromised treatment.

Like all good things in life, it takes time. The same will go for your brows. You need to allow at least 8-12 weeks to see real changes and you need to keep the mask as a part of your skincare routine.

How To Use The RevitaBrow

Using RevitaBrow® for your brows is simple and easy, the key here is consistency. The more you use it the more you will ultimately start to notice positive changes in your brows.

Here are three simple steps on how to use it:

Step One

Apply RevitaBrow in a gentle sweeping motion over brows and lashes that are both clean and dry. Apply until completely coated in product and leave on for 15 minutes, twice a week.

Step Two

With gentle pressure, use warm water to break up the product by soaking the area until it starts to release from lashes and brows.

Step Three

 Using the combed section of the applicator, simply run through the placement area until the product has been completely removed, this ensures you are removing with the right amount of pressure to not cause damage.

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