How To Use 111Skin Cleanser And Exfoliator In An Evening Skincare Routine

Does your skin feel dull, dehydrated, flaky and rough right now? If the answer’s yes, rest assured that you’re not alone. A bog-standard exfoliator or moisturiser simply won’t cut the mustard though. Powerful active ingredients are needed to restore radiance and retexture the complexion. Luckily, we have the solution to these common winter skincare concerns. By making some adjustments to your evening skincare routine, you’ll see real, noticeable results.

111Skin: Science-Led Skincare

Here at Skinstation HQ, we were so excited to add 111SKIN to our list of brands recently. With results driven formulas and an admirable cruelty free ethos, it was the perfect addition. This is clinical skincare with a touch of luxury. If 111SKIN hasn’t been on your radar yet, read on to hear their impressive credentials. 

111SKIN was born out of Dr Yannis Alexandrides pioneering surgical work. When the eminent Harley Street surgeon inserted a pure-collagen sponge soaked with an ingredient named NAC under his client’s skin, the results were spectacular. Epidermal strengthening, scar reduction and a radiant, youthful appearance were achieved. He realised however, that not everyone wants surgery to achieve visible improvements. So, with the help of Eva Alexandrides, they made it their mission to create a product line that not only produces incredible anti-ageing results, but also one that targets specific skincare concerns. 

Evening Skincare Routine


Use your evening skincare routine to pack in some potent ingredients that work in sync with the skin’s nightly functions. An efficient cleanser will not only lift superficial make-up, dirt and pollutants, but it’ll work on a deeper level too. After cleansing, skin is primed and ready to receive further products. The cleaner the skin, the more efficiently the other products can work. Meet 111SKIN Cryo Pre-activated Toning Cleanser. Whilst its name may sound 21st century, this is a beautifully gentle dual-action cleanser with powerful effects. When used, its ingredients activate synergistically, and skin is left glowing and rejuvenated. The ‘Cryo’ part is because it mimics the refreshing and detoxifying effects that occur when we experience extremely cold sensations.

So, the million-dollar question. Why is it so effective? It certainly contains a bevy of beautifying, power-packed ingredients loved by skincare gurus everywhere. Fruit extracts simultaneously exfoliate skin whilst protecting against dryness. Pomegranate resurfaces and retextures skin, leaving pores refined and fine lines diminished. A lesser-known ingredient, Ribose is a form of sugar derived from corn seeds. Its role is to increase cell metabolism and energise skin. Tego Natural Betaine reduces trans epidermal water loss, leaving skin hydrated and thoroughly nourished.

111SKIN Cryo Pre-activated Toning Cleanser is a highly advanced, simple to use product. Massage two pumps onto damp skin, then rinse with warm water. You might get a surprise when you do this!  The pre-activated formula turns into a milky toner on contact with water, tightening the skin without leaving it feeling dry or taught.


Follow on with 111SKIN Clinical Exfoliator. Apply a generous amount at night onto clean, dry skin but avoid the eye area. Let it sink in and then continue with your normal skincare routine. This super concentrated formula uses enzymes rather than abrasive granules to gently dissolve dead skin cells. With the addition of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), fresh, radiant skin is revealed. This is the perfect exfoliator for sensitive skin too. Carefully formulated with calming botanicals, like Mexican Giant Hyssop, Rosemary and Chamomile, skin redness, inflammation and sensitivity reduce. Tego Natural Betaine is in there again, keeping the skin well-hydrated. Imperfections are cleared away, and skin is refined, retextured and wonderfully soothed. You’ll be amazed at how soft, smooth and bright your complexion is after use. 

111Skin – A Complete System

A skincare system is a full range of products that work synergistically to complement each-other. By using a full range of products, you’ll obtain optimal results. Every 111SKIN product has been created to work optimally with the products used before and after it. 

So, if you don’t want to stop there, why not try adding a 111Skin face mask to your regular evening routine too. This luxury range of surgery inspired face and eye masks take sheet masks to a whole new level. It’s because of 111SKIN’s advanced hydrogel formula which allows more of the mask’s ingredients to penetrate the skin than regular masks. Complete saturation ensures that the benefits of the mask’s powerful ingredients are optimised. Skin is instantly soothed, brightened, and tightened from the inside out.Shop 111SKIN for surgically inspired and science led skincare today.

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