Is Luxury Skincare Really Worth It?

Even though we value clear, smooth skin and get frustrated when we’re struggling with acne or uneven skin, people tend to be greedy when it comes to skincare. A moisturiser for 10 pounds will do nicely, right? The question has arisen whether luxury skincare is really worth it or if cheap skincare will have the exact same effect? In fact, cheap skincare can not only have a minimal effect on your skin but can also damage your skin and make your skin concern worse. In this blog, we will be discussing if luxury skincare is actually worth it based on skincare experts’ opinions.

What Is Luxury Skincare?

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Before we dive deeper into the worth of skincare products, we’ll have to define what we mean by luxury skincare first. Luxury skincare includes products that are higher up the market and are relatively more expensive than skincare products you will buy in supermarkets or drug stores. Whereas you will likely pay 10 to 20 pounds for a moisturiser in a drug store, the price for a luxury moisturiser can amount to a couple of hundred pounds. No worries, buying a luxury skincare product will not mean that you have to spend that much money. For only 40 pounds, you will have a highly effective luxury moisturiser such as the Obagi Hydrate that is clinically proven to hydrate your skin for up to eight hours. 

The Difference Between Cheap And Luxury Skincare

What exactly differentiates cheap skincare from more expensive, luxurious skincare products? Is it just the brand you’re paying extra money for? For some brands, yes, that might be the case. However, there is a big difference in quality between cheap and luxury skincare products. The most important reasons why luxury skincare products are more expensive are:

Superior Ingredients Are Used

The skincare products you’ll find in the drug store use cheaper ingredients or use high-quality ingredients but in a lower concentration. This will limit the effectiveness of the products and will therefore achieve less improvement of the skin. Luxury products often use higher concentrations of active ingredients to ensure greater effectiveness and longer-lasting results.

Extensive Research By Medical Experts

With the release of a new luxury skincare collection comes extensive research. Medical experts formulate each product carefully by using high-quality ingredients that will impact the skin in the most positive way. As cheaper products are formulated on a budget, there will be less research done into the effects on your skin.  

Effectiveness Is Clinically Proven

Besides extensive research during the development of new skincare products, there are clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the skincare products. Luxury skincare brands test their products thoroughly and closely monitor the effects of the products on their patient’s skin to ensure the best result. 
Even though cheaper skincare can be effective as well, the chances are higher that the products will either have less effect, not work at all for your skin type or will make your skin look and feel worse. You might notice that cheaper skincare products are more tacky and draggy and are not absorbed by your skin as well. A cheaper moisturiser, which you likely use to hydrate your skin, might leave your skin feeling more dry and flaky. 

Is Luxury Skincare Worth Your Money?

Taking these benefits into consideration, we would definitely recommend investing in high-quality, luxury skincare products. After all, we only get one skin that will have to last a lifetime, so we better take good care of it. One of our all-time favourite luxury skincare products is the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, available for £112.00, which is a powerful antioxidant Vitamin C serum that can be used for its maximum anti-ageing working. The serum uses 15% pure Vitamin C, 1% Vitamin E and 0.5% Ferulic Acid to obtain the best anti-ageing benefits. One thing is certain, a cheaper product will not be able to live up to the benefits and results achieved by the SkinCeuticals serum. 

Another product that we swear by is the Dr Barbara Sturm Brightening Serum, a luxury serum that is formulated to brighten the skin and give a more glowing complexion. This serum, which can be bought for £230, refines skin tone and texture using natural brightening ingredients. Add this serum to your daily skincare routine and your skin will be glowing! 

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