Is Technology The Future Of The Beauty Industry

Technology And Beauty

There’s no doubt that technology is disrupting the global beauty industry. We can try makeup on virtually, buy skin analysis apps and even have a voice-controlled smart mirror. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that light therapy and a mask have been combined to solve our skin concerns. 

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted technological advances in skincare. Whilst spas and beauty salons closed, consumers didn’t want to go without. Instead, they’ve embraced sophisticated skincare therapy that can be performed anywhere, at any-time.

When I first saw Dr Dennis Gross’s Spectralite Faceware Pro mask, the film, ‘Logan’s Run’ immediately came to mind. It looks futuristic. It is futuristic. Although with smooth lines and rose gold tones, it looks far more attractive than you’d imagine. Let’s talk reality for a moment. Wearing a mask may not be your normal go-to for skincare. That’s about to change thanks to this ground-breaking invention. The Dr Dennis Faceware Pro mask has made LED therapy comfortable, portable and easy to use. Now, anyone can receive the benefits of red and blue light surrounded by their home comforts.

Time to ditch comparisons with 21st century robots and superheroes. This medical grade mask is the business. Whilst in use, the light deeply penetrates the skin. It’s professional therapy for the skin, created to tackle our worst beauty nightmares: Acne, Wrinkles, Discolouration, Redness. And it’s not just a cool-looking techy gadget. It works. All hail Dr Dennis Gross or Dr Youthful as he’s known in our house. We thank you O mighty one.

How Does The Spectralite Faceware Pro Mask Work?

Right, the science bit. This mask contains a powerful concentration of 100 LED lights in red mode and 62 LED lights in blue mode. There are three programs, red light, blue light or red and blue light. You choose the program depending on the individual needs of your skin. It can also be used in conjunction with Dr Gross’s Alpha Beta Peels. These prime the skin, remove dead skin cells and enable the LED to penetrate even most efficiently.

Don’t be put off by the advanced technology. It’s so simple to use. Place the device comfortably over the face, secure the strap and turn it on. Now choose the light setting. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. The treatment takes three minutes daily. Seriously, it’s the length of time to make a cup of coffee. And it’s better for your skin!

The red-light therapy stimulates collagen production to reduce those tell-tale signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that, it improves age-spots, sun-damage and general redness and is particularly effective for rosacea. Red light additionally reduces healing time and that can improve the appearance of bruising.  The blue light, on the other hand is all about purifying the skin, stabilising sebaceous glands and eradicating the acne- causing bacteria. The result?  A wonderfully youthful and pure complexion. The holy grail of skincare.

Why Is The Dr Dennis Spectralite Faceware Pro Mask So Popular?

It’s true that the beauty-sphere can’t get enough of this mask. Glamour recently posted an article on their website that stipulated ‘You need this.’ And you only have to Google the Faceware Pro mask to see that every skincare blogger’s already in love with it. The reason?  The speed of results speak for themselves. For the blue light, you’ll see an improvement within 2 to 3 days. For the red light, anti-ageing results begin to show within 2-3 weeks and optimal results within 10 weeks.

This can of course all be backed up by science. During clinical trials, over 97% of subjects showed overall improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and skin tone during a 10- week clinical study. And the same for a 2-week daily-use clinical study for acne. That’s a very high success rate by anyone’s standards.

What about the cost I hear you ask? Granted, it might seem pricey at first glance. Look at it as having a daily professional skincare treatment. Compared to traditional spa and salon skincare treatments that require a course, it’s great value. There’s an initial investment but as one reviewer put it, it is your skin!

If you’re looking for a convenient, professional, anti-ageing and purifying skincare treatment, this is your product. Expect to see an improvement to wrinkles, fine line and blemishes and radiant, clearer skin. Now who doesn’t want that? Don’t get left behind. Embrace the 21st century skincare mask that’s here to stay.

Yes, it is an investment. But what an investment!

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