Lumity Supplements: A Skincare Must-Have

It may come as a surprise that ageing begins while we’re still relatively ‘young’, we feel fresh faced and full of energy, so wrinkles and fatigue seem a world away. Then all of a sudden, you look in the mirror and take a reality check. Your complexion seems dull, skin less supple, you feel jaded by life and those aching joints? When did this happen, you wonder?

In fact, our bodies start to lose efficiency during our 20s as reserves of essential nutrients begin to deplete. Over time, the ageing process is exacerbated by our lifestyle choices; caffeine, alcohol, lack of exercise, too much sugar, poor sleep, daily stress and environmental toxins. All too often, we pay attention to other things rather than giving ourselves enough self-care.

One person who’s addressed this universal problem is Cambridge University scientist Dr Sarah Palmer Hussey, PhD. She realised that along with skin, sleep and energy, immune function also declines with age. This is mainly due to a fall in the production of new lymphocytes and in the function of existing ones. Often, this is signified by inflammation, a low-grade attack by our immune system, accelerating the ageing process. 

After many years of research into the causes of ageing, Dr Hussey decided to create a thoroughly researched natural product that would:

  • Maintain health and youth

  • Improve resistance to disease

  • Rebalance hormonal activity

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve sleep patterns

Dr Hussey’s supplement would need to stimulate the body’s defences, promoting restoration and repair throughout the body at a cellular level. Lumity was born out of this desire.

How Do Lumity Supplements Work?

Simply, they work because they’re backed by science. Ageing is an accumulation of damage in the body. This causes inefficiencies and degeneration. It’s not enough to rely on skincare and exercise alone to counteract such damage and decline. Nutrition is an important factor as well. All too often, nutrition is skimped upon though. Instead, we turn to convenience food, eat on the go and forgo our five a day. The fact that certain vitamins and nutrients stored within our body also deplete as we get older is inconvenient. It gets ignored. But, if we get the right nutrition, we can attain optimum health.

Lumity Supplements – What Do They Do?

Perhaps we should be asking what they don't do? For starters, you can expect radiant, supple skin, hair and nails, improved energy levels, better brain health and focus, stronger natural immunity, deeper rest and wellness. 

World-renowned dermatologist Dr Zoe Draelos conducted research on 50 women ranging from 35-65 over a period of 12 weeks. The results showed that 84% noted an improvement in their quality of sleep, improved energy levels and had a more optimistic attitude to life. These are incredible results and truly illustrate the effect that Lumity is having on people’s mood too. During these uncertain times, we can all do with a supportive supplement like this.

Lumity has also introduced a facial oil that works alongside the capsules for even more potent results. This is THE skincare brand to watch and I, for one, can’t wait to see what they bring out next in their targeted range.

Lumity: The Skincare Trend For 2021 

Fundamentally, this brand delivers a product that has real, tangible results. Lumity were delighted to be rated one of the top three anti-ageing supplements on the market by The Sunday Times and one of the six best skin supplements by The Telegraph recently. 

It’s not the only media they’ve been having either. Lumity anti-ageing capsules are recommended by Grazia, Bazaar, Vogue and Forbes. Kate Moss, in an interview with Grazia explained how she began taking Lumity after friend Helena Christensen recommended them! With endorsements like this, it’s set to be one of the skincare trends for Autumn 2021.

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