Natural Remedies For Dark Under Eye Circles

“You look tired”. How many times have those three words been said to you? It doesn’t matter how much we try to hide it, our dark under eye circles say enough. Some people are more blessed than others when it comes to under eye circles, but for most people, tiredness is visible under their eyes. When we’re tired, the skin under our eyes becomes dull and pale. Essentially, dark circles are caused by a dull and pale complexion due to tiredness, age, dehydration or simply genetics. When the skin is dull and pale, darker tissue and blood vessels below the skin are more likely to show.

How To Prevent Dark Under Eye Circles

If we want to know how we can prevent dark under eye circles, we have to know what causes them. After all, prevention is better than a cure. By changing up your daily routine and paying attention to your health, it’s possible to prevent dark under eye circles.


By far the most common cause of dark under eye circles is fatigue. Not only sleep deprivation can cause dark circles under your eyes, but oversleeping can also have an impact on your energy levels. Fatigue causes the blood vessels and darker tissue under our eyes to become more visible, with dark under eye circles as the result. 

Preventing fatigue and therefore dark under eye circles is not that simple. Sleep deprivation is not always down to a disturbed sleeping pattern. Stress has a big impact on sleep and can be the problem that needs to be addressed in the first place. Overall, a regular sleeping schedule is recommended to prevent fatigue and dark under eye circles. 


The process of ageing can cause dark under eye circles to become more visible. Ageing causes our skin to become thinner, with the result that dark tissue and blood vessels below your skin become more visible. Your skin loses its elasticity as it loses its collagen and fat. To slow down the signs of ageing, an anti-ageing serum or cream can be used. Anti-ageing skincare products have collagen and Vitamin C in them, which helps to restore the elasticity of the skin. 


We cannot repeat enough how important it is to hydrate. Dehydration causes our skin to look dull, which will emphasize the dark circles under your eyes. Drinking approximately 2 liters of water a day keeps your body and skin healthy. Dehydration is easy to prevent, as drinking enough water should be an automatism.

How To Treat Dark Under Eye Circles

Preventing dark circles doesn’t always stop them from occurring. So to help you achieve smoother and brighter under-eyes, we’ve listed natural remedies for improving dark under eye circles. Our first reaction is to conceal our skin with makeup, trying to hide the darkness underneath our eyes. Even though this might help a bit, it’s not the best way to go around it. 

Cold compresses

An easy way to treat dark under eye circles is by using cold compresses on a regular basis. You can either use some ice cubes wrapped up in a clean cloth or use cold spoons to reduce puffiness under your eyes. By holding a cold object against your skin, it helps to reduce swelling and shrink dilated vessels. Overall, this makes you look more awake and reduces the appearance of dark circles. 

Green tea bags

This might sound strange, but green tea bags can help to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Obviously, you’re going to want the teabags to be cold. First, start off by soaking green tea bags in hot water for about five minutes. To cool them down, let them rest in the refrigerator for twenty minutes. Once they’re cold, it’s time to apply them under your eyes. Close your eyes and let the green tea bags rest on your skin for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. 

Coconut oil

To treat your under eye circles, you can use coconut oil, which moisturises the skin and contains vitamin E and antioxidants that help repair damaged skin cells. By applying coconut oil under your eyes every night before going to bed, your skin will repair itself and dark under eye circles will diminish. 


If you’re looking for an effective treatment, there are a few products that can be added to your skincare regimen to reduce under eye circles. Add the Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Serum to your daily routine and keep the skin under your eyes healthy. The eye serum rejuvenates and tightens the skin, reduces eye puffiness and refreshes the skin. For a quick result, you can use eye masks to instantly feel more refreshed. The 111Skin Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Masks and 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks are dermatologically tested, taking the most effective ingredients from naturally derived ingredients such as Rosehip and Damask Roses. 

Next time you’re struggling with a fatigued complexion, try these natural remedies for dark under eye circles. It will be only a matter of time before you look healthy, well-rested and radiant! 

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