Should You Keep Your Beauty Products In The Fridge

The trend of storing beauty products in the fridge has taken the skincare world by storm. But is it just a fad or is it something worth considering when it comes to the storage of your own products? Mini beauty fridges that are specially designed to store skincare products are popping up everywhere and are even found on lists for the most searched products online. And when you think about it, it does make a lot of sense to put beauty tools like jade rollers inside the fridge for an added cooling and soothing effect upon use! 

Should I Be Using The Fridge To Store My Skincare?

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to store certain types skincare in the fridge, like face masks and your favourite beauty tools such as the aforementioned jade roller. However, you should also keep in mind that not all skincare products are designed to withstand the adverse temperatures or type of lighting typically found in fridges. 

Some experts would also argue that when a company creates a certain product formulation, stability testing is usually performed to make sure that the product will continue to be safe and usable despite being exposed to certain temperatures and light conditions before it is released into the market. Therefore, making it unnecessary to put your skincare in the fridge unless it is explicitly stated on the product label.

For ingredients that are more sensitive, specific instructions will usually be placed on the label on how to properly store the products. A great example is products that contain Vitamin C, which is an active ingredient that is notorious for being unstable and can change in consistency, colour, smell, and even effectiveness when exposed to sunlight. Most serums and oil formulations can also solidify when placed in cold temperatures which could render the formula ineffective. So, the answer to “Should I be using the fridge to store my skincare?” is not unless directed by the manufacturer and clearly stated on the label!

Which Skincare Can Be Placed Inside The Fridge?

The majority of skincare products are created to be stable when stored at room temperature unless stated otherwise on the label. However, some products can be placed inside the fridge without risking the formula being altered or rendered ineffective. Here are some of the products that may be safe to store inside the fridge:

 Vitamin C – Since this active ingredient needs to avoid exposure to UV light, it is possible that putting Vitamin C products in the fridge could help protect the formula from oxidizing.

 Water-based products – This includes toners, essences, gels, and sheet masks. While there is no research to suggest that putting these products in the fridge increases shelf life, it may help to boost the product’s cooling properties for when it’s applied to the skin.

 Face mists and sprays – Using a cold spray on your skin feels very refreshing- there’s no doubt about that. Storing these types of products in the fridge could even help to further soothe inflamed skin compared to when using the same product that has been stored at room temperature. 

 Natural and organic beauty products – These products are usually made without preservatives and therefore have a shorter shelf-life. They can be stored inside the fridge to prolong the formula from spoiling. The exception with these products is those that consist of oil-based ingredients that are at risk of solidifying in lower temperatures. 

Putting your skincare in the fridge isn’t always necessary, unless it’s your preference. Keep in mind however, that it is still always best to check product labels regarding recommended storage to ensure that you are not doing more harm than good when it comes to the effectiveness of your product! 

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