The Best Skincare Routine For Your 40s

As the saying goes, our 40s are the new 30s, right?! That’s all well and good, but as some of us inch ever closer to this milestone, whilst others may already be embracing our mid-late 40s, we may not be so positive about that sentiment when we start to see the signs of ageing creep in, ever so subtly across our bodies. Whether it’s the skin on the back of our hands, the texture of our hair or that hint of faded energy which doesn’t allow our bodies to bounce back like they used to. We’re all different, but one thing that’s for sure is that our 40s will see our bodies go through another form of immense change as we move through that biological timeline that is life.

Now, there is good news and there is bad news. So, let’s get the doom and gloom out of the way quickly, shall we? By the time you hit your 40s, your skin cell turnover and collagen production is likely to have reduced to almost half of what it was in your 20s. What does that mean for your skin health? Well, this is the beginning of those unwanted signs of premature ageing caused by your skin’s decreased ability to repair and regenerate. Hello, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. The good news? Skin care formulas and the ingredients within them are so advanced these days that there’s a host of products on the market specifically designed for 40 somethings that actively work to promote skin health, reduce the signs of ageing and boost the levels of collagen and elastin for a plump, youthful looking complexion. Turning back the clock when it comes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is easier said than done, but not impossible. All you need is just a little perseverance and consistency with your skin care routine. And if you’re not in your 40s yet, don’t forget that it’s never too early to start thinking about anti-ageing products either. Whatever your age, the time is now!

Why You Need A Bullet-Proof Anti-Ageing Skin Care Routine In Your 40S

As we get older, the existential stress of ageing starts to show up all over our bodies, including the face. As we mature, fatigue and lethargy set in. We begin to look tired and so does our skin, which starts to look and feel dull, rough, and lifeless. Then those pores gradually become bigger and accentuated. Okay, we could go on, but we’ll stop right there and dig into why this all occurs in the first place.

Well, the reason is simple – as we age, dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and start to pile up. With a reduced rate of skin cell renewal, our skin starts to look dull. To make matters worse is the increasing storage of excess pigment in dead cells, which makes your skin tone look discoloured and uneven.

In addition to this, hormonal shifts in the body also start to show up on our skin due to age. For example, there is a gradual decline in estrogen, which plays a key role in slowing down the ageing process and keeping the skin firm, smooth, and toned. This is the prime reason that ageing skin becomes less supple, patched and begins to sag. Another reason is the reduced sebum production, which is essential in keeping our skin hydrated and therefore glowing and sufficiently nourished. 

The signs of ageing might continue to worsen unless you shift your focus to ensuring you implement the best skin care routine for your 40s. A thorough skin care regime will keep your skin hydrated, nourished and looking as fresh-faced as possible.

Starting Your 40S Something Skin Care Regimen

First thing’s first, you need a skin care routine customised for you. Some of the best years of our lives happen in our 40s. This decade is one to embrace, both inside and out so your skin’s health is a great place to start. 

Entering our 40s means our skin has likely had too much exposure to the sun and environmental pollution, which combine to damage its DNA. Now that the collagen stores are depleting, the damage is starting to show up and skin healing is taking longer. Whilst ageing skin might make us look wiser and more mature, we’re not completely averse to minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles either. Luckily, with a shift in your focus to an anti-ageing skin care routine, you can reduce the damage and protect your skin from premature signs of ageing.

Here are the Skin Care Steps for Your 40s That You Should Not Go Without:

Exfoliate For Glowing Skin

Make exfoliation an integral part of your skin care routine. Exfoliation becomes especially important for mature skin as it is one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells. Gently exfoliate the skin up to twice a week to improve skin regeneration and reveal an instant glow. 

You might be surprised to learn that exfoliation also helps reduce those ageing spots that surface on your face due to toxin exposure, harmful sun rays, and hormonal changes. If you have been lucky enough to stave off those signs of ageing thus far, you can maintain that youthful glow with consistent exfoliation. Regular exfoliation is an excellent way to improve the penetration of other skin care products too. To ramp up your exfoliation game, you can also add a moisturiser with exfoliating action which allows you to enjoy the benefits of skin renewal daily as you hydrate your face.

SPF Is Here To Stay

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or even pushing on 80, SPF 30 should be part of your skin care regimen no matter what. And there is no reason not to include it in your routine now, even if you don’t consider yourself the outdoorsy type. Just to underline this point, in the world of dermatology, it is basically a cardinal sin to reject the use of sunscreen as you enter your 40s. 

Consistency is the key when it comes to using SPF. Make sunscreen the core of your skin care routine to keep your skin youthful, hydrated, and glowing. But one thing to note is that your longtime, favourite, go-to may no longer be your best choice in your 40s. Consider things like the fact that if your skin has become drier through the years, it’s time to retire the oil-free liquids and opt for a product with a thick, creamy base and added hydrators and anti-agers that will keep up with your skin’s needs. The nourishing sunscreen will not only protect your skin but also help you enjoy that added bit of glow. Some products on the market such as the Skinceuticals’ Brightening UV Defence SPF 30 not only protects your skin from further sun damage, but also contains ingredients specifically to provide high broad-spectrum protection against photo-ageing.

Moisture For Radiant Skin

With age, your skin is likely to feel drier, duller, and flakier due to hormonal imbalance and exposure to toxins. In addition to this, natural lipids in the skin deteriorate as you grow old. But the skin barrier isn’t solely to blame for skin dehydration. Unfortunately, the natural moisture-trapping molecules in your skin begin to fall in your 40s. Hyaluronic acid is one of them. The depleting humectants predispose you to volume loss and cause the skin to deflate and/ or collapse.  Luckily, there is a way to prevent too much depletion of moisture and natural lipids. 

Slathering a layer of moisturiser specifically formulated to help not only hydrate the skin but also to reduce wrinkles and firm up the texture of your skin will help protect your skin’s moisture barrier whilst also leaving your skin looking smooth.

Add A Brightening Agent For Uneven Skin Tone

As you step into your 40s, you might need to look for a skin brightening agent to combat hyperpigmentation. If bright spots, dark patches and inconsistency in colour have started to give you an uneven skin tone, it’s high time you followed a skin brightening protocol. 

Vitamin C serum is your best weapon against pollution during the daytime while retinol should be a part of your evening skin care routine to correct the sun damage. These are the best ingredients to restore the skin’s natural defense system and activate its moisture barrier for a radiant glow. 

Scientific research backs the effectiveness of retinoid (vitamin A) in reducing wrinkles and fine lines by improving collagen synthesis, increasing cell turnover, and reducing collagen breakdown.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin C as well as retinol are proven superfoods for ageing skin.

Nourish Those Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes are most likely to bear the brunt of ageing as you enter your 40s. Puffiness, dark circles, and bags are some of the most common signs of ageing and often the first we notice. Not only this, it might be a case of disappearing eyelids and loss of firmness. As you age, your upper lids become laxer than ever before and the skin beneath the brows might begin to encroach on the top lid.

As a result, these are signs that your eyes need nourishment. The best skin care routine for your 40s should always include some kind of retinol or bi-mineral complex to combat this.

Since the skin around your eye is super delicate, you may also want to look out for an eye balm, serum or cream with hydrolyzed collagen to strengthen the skin in this area.

Take A Holistic Approach

When tackling your 40s-something skin care routine, it’s important to also assess your nutrition and lifestyle. Whilst quality products are paramount, don’t forget to fuel your body with anti-ageing foods too. Opt for greens and vegetables, with a plate that should look colorful every time you sit down to eat at the dining table. Good food translates to good mood too, which is also a recipe to look and feel younger. Besides looking at your diet, an active lifestyle will also directly impact your skin health as it will ensure adequate oxygen supply to all parts of the body, helping to keep you looking fresh and feeling youthful.  

Keeping yourself hydrated, choosing clean eating habits, staying active, getting adequate sleep, reducing sodium and sugar in your diet all work together to improve your skin’s regeneration process.  Pack your diet with antioxidants and give your skin the vitamin C boost for that lasting youthful glow. However, if you need an added boost to help maintain your nutrient intake, consider adding an anti-ageing supplement to your diet.

As Far As Skin Care Routines Are Concerned, Here’s What You Need To Remember Around Choosing Your Products And Their Ingredients Carefully:

- You absolutely cannot forget vitamin C in ensuring you have the best skin care routine for your 40s. It is an amazing skin brightening and firming agent that tops the list for dermatologists.

- Exfoliation holds the key to eliminating dead skin cells. If you forget to exfoliate regularly, you are only aiding the skin ageing process. Since excess pigment hides in dead skin, an uneven and discoloured skin tone is one of the first signs of ageing you’ll see if you fail to adequately exfoliate.

- Hydration holds the key to moisturising, nourishing, and rebalancing the skin. Your skin care regime is incomplete without a face oil or cream that locks in moisture and rebalances the natural hydration levels of your skin.

- Establish a skin care routine with a focus on protection during daytime (that means not skipping the SPF!) and repair in the night which include ingredients that protect, safeguard, and nourish your skin.

Remember, your skin has less elasticity as it ages, resulting in saggy and dehydrated skin. These are the most hated signs of premature ageing. However, it’s never too late to start with a skin care routine for a tighter, brighter, and more youthful looking glow. And don’t forget that you should combine the best skin care routine for your 40s with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition too!

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