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The Real Difference Between Fine Lines & Wrinkles

There are so many powerhouse active ingredients on the market right now, such as retinol, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, peptides and glycolic acid.  All of these are clinically proven to boost skin radiance, increase hydration, promote collagen production and minimise the visible signs of ageing for a more youthful appearance.  As we get older, it’s vital that we add products to our routines that will truly help our skin. But, what should we be looking out for?

What’s The Main Difference Between Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

When it comes to getting older, there is so much jargon surrounding skin concerns to look out for. Sagging, age spots, crepey skin - the list goes on. But we are here to break down the real difference between fine lines and wrinkles. 

Fine lines actually are the start of wrinkles and they can look like small creases on your skin. These lay on the surface of your skin, whereas wrinkles are much deeper. Fine lines appear on your skin in places where you make repetitive movements. For example, many people have smile lines where they raise the corners of their mouths to smile. Or, we can get them around our eyes, due to squinting. As we get older, these fine lines will be met with gravity and an increased loss of collagen, eventually turning into wrinkles.

How To Choose The Best Anti-Ageing Products For You

Did you know that 24 to 28 are usually the ages when you should begin your anti-ageing skincare routine? That’s right - the Skinstation Skincare Experts recommend implementing anti-ageing products sooner, rather than later. So, what are the top products we would recommend to add to your skincare routine?

1. Does Drinking Collagen Reduce Signs Of Ageing?

Anti-ageing is a skin concern many of us are looking to address - and although getting older is completely natural, we all, of course, want to take care of our skin. As early as age 25, our natural collagen levels deplete - this can affect not only how our skin looks, but also how it feels. Skin can start to look lacklustre, and may start to sag, as our collagen levels give our skin that all-important elasticity it needs. 

That’s why many Skincare Experts, including our team, recommend adding a collagen supplement to your beauty routine. But crucially - not all collagen supplements are built the same! The market is flooded with products claiming to miraculously increase collagen in the skin. But at Skinstation, we’re only here for skincare that actually works.

2. Understanding Ageing Neck & Decollete

When it comes to your anti-ageing skincare routine, it shouldn’t just stop at your face. As well as your face, your neck can also be a big indicator of age and shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to your beauty regimen. 

As we’ve said above, our natural elastin and collagen levels are reduced with age, which can naturally increase our fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. Our Skincare Experts suggest adding a skin-boosting serum or oil into your routine, to support your skin as you get older. One of our favourites is the Lumity Skin Nutrients Body Oil - filled with 32 natural ingredients, this luxuriously lightweight oil offers the ultimate skin nourishment.

Not only does it deliver deep moisturisation, but it also promotes firmness and suppleness for your neck and decollete area. If you are looking for something that is easily absorbed into the skin and gives you that much-wanted lasting glow, then this body oil is a match made in heaven. 

3. Can a Cleanser Reduce Wrinkles?

Some of the most innovative skincare brands on the market right now are formulating some truly impressive anti-ageing products which can help support our skin as it ages. As our Skincare Experts would say - a great anti-ageing skincare routine can see your fine lines and wrinkles fade in no time! 

Talking of skincare routine - let’s discuss cleansers. We all know that cleansing is of the utmost importance, and should be the first step in your skincare routine. But, as we get older, our favourite cleanser may not be offering our skin the nourishment it needs. We need to be sure to pay attention to what our skin is telling us and understand that, as we enter different stages of our lives, our skin may need different things. So, speaking of adjusting our skincare routines, let's talk about our favourite cleansers for mature ageing skin…

The SUZAN OBAGI MD™ Foaming Facial Cleanser is an ideal addition to your anti-ageing skincare routine if you are looking for products which are effective yet gentle and nourishing. This thick microfoam will gently and deeply cleanse your skin, whilst removing any oil build-up, makeup and environmental impurities. This cleanser is ideal for mature skin, as it’s delicate and gentle on your complexion.

What Is The Best Sunscreen For Aging Skin?

Protecting your skin at all ages is a must - but as we get older, it’s important to up that factor even more, and not miss a day of that all-important sunscreen. For ageing skin, our Obagi Sun Shield Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF50 is essential.

This sheer, quick-absorbing, non-greasy sunscreen ticks all the boxes: it's non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested, whilst being gentle on even sensitive skin. The formula acts quickly to shield you from damaging UVA/UVB rays and is infused with nasturtium extract to defend against IR rays and HEV light. It’s a travel must-have as the mineral formulation is completely reef safe and water-resistant, so you can stay protected whilst protecting marine life.

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