Turning 30 in 2022, here's why you need to start using Anti-Aging Skincare Now

The 30s are a liberating decade that often welcomes greater independence, increased confidence, advances in your career and a feeling of being more settled. After the transition from post puberty which can last into the late 20s, skin also becomes more balanced and appears under control.

But just as it is, more women than ever are having children during their 30s, causing a change in oestrogen and progesterone levels which affect the skin. There can be benefits though. Just think of the desirable, much discussed pregnancy glow for starters, but pimples and melasma can also be a frustration too. It might seem crazy to be worried about ageing when we’re feeling sufficiently fit and healthy enough to bring children into the world. But the 30s are the decade where the ageing process really begins to kick in.

30 year old skincare

 You may, for instance, notice that your complexion is beginning to look duller or dryer. Woe betides, you may also see fine lines appearing around places like the eyes and mouth too. Skin in your thirties is often a reflection of your lifestyle during your teens and 20s. If your diet suffered, you drank too much alcohol, didn’t manage stress well, lacked exercise and sunbathed with far too little protection, you’re gonna see this written all over your face. Literally!

Changes to the skin’s structure happen when our skin cell turnover, which, in simple terms, is the rate of renewal, starts to slow down. This also means that the production of collagen which is the stuff that keeps skin strong and elastin, the component responsible for the skin’s stretchiness reduces. Skin becomes weaker and less elastic, causing lines and wrinkles to form and those that once disappeared when you smiled now begin to form expression lines. 

Not to mention that the skin’s detoxification process becomes less effective as we get older leading to puffiness around the eyes, dull skin and of course, spots and blemishes! Yes, you really heard that, even more mature skin can suffer teen-style acne. And the effects of sun-damage, often sustained during the carefree 20s begins to surface about now too, causing hyperpigmentation, dark spots and of course, adding to the lines and wrinkles.

When should you begin Using Anti-Aging Skincare?

Most skincare experts would argue that you should be using preventative anti-ageing products even as early as your 20s. So, if you’re hitting your 30s and haven’t begun yet, you must. 

If you’re still asking the question, why should I be using anti-ageing products? Then, listen up. These products use active ingredients that protect the skin and preventing further damage as well as correcting damage that’s already been sustained. The earlier that you begin using anti-ageing products, the better the results will be and the more youthful your skin can will look, for longer.

Skincauticals Age interuptor

Which Anti-Aging Products Should you use?

One of the best products to have in your anti-ageing armoury is an anti-wrinkle cream. For anti-ageing in your thirties, we love SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter. This is an unrivalled hydration cream, especially perfect for the colder months when skin needs an extra boost of moisture. It goes straight to the root of the problem, interrupting the ageing process before it can do any damage. Expect to see a visible improvement to fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, hydration, and a smooth, supple, and firm complexion.

The secret to this hydrator’s amazing efficacy is that it tackles something called AEG’s or advanced glycation end-products. These are detrimental compounds that are produced in the body as a natural part of the ageing process and disrupt the inner workings of your cells as they build-up. 

Age Interrupter uses powerful antioxidants, 4% Blueberry extract and 0.2% phytosphingosine to combat the negative effects of these compounds on your skin. With an unprecedented level of 30% Pro-Xylane, skin cells can maintain their collagen and extracellular matrixes, the connective tissue of the skin which plays a key role in repair, ensuring this truly is an age-defying cream. So, before you checkout, make sure you pop this must-have anti-wrinkle cream into your basket.

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