Why are Antioxidants so important for Plump Lips

Signs of ageing is one of the primary skin concerns, which many people experience as they get older. As you age, you’ll notice that more fine lines and wrinkles will appear, getting more defined as time goes on. Although, we rarely think about our lips. 

As a very normal part of the aging process, the upper lip tends to flatten and thin out, making your lips appear smaller and less plump. This due to your collagen production slowing down as you become older.

Collagen is the protein that is responsible for your skin’s elasticity and overall stretchiness. It can be found in three quarters of your skin and makes up a third of the protein in your body, residing in your bones, muscles and blood. As your skin ages, the existing collagen begins to break down and it gets harder for your body to create more. In this article, we will be looking at antioxidants, how they aid in your collagen upkeep and the importance of this substance when it comes to fighting back on the signs of ageing on your lips.

What are Antioxidants?

When you are using your skincare products, you may notice that some of them include antioxidants. Antioxidants are an active ingredient used in skincare and makeup formulas. They interrupt the oxidation reactions and prevent the effects of oxygen radicals, both of the processes known to damage the integrity of your own natural materials.

An antioxidant is a substance that protects the body from free radicals, and whilst not all of them will boost the collagen production in your skin, they will help the existing collagen to be as present as it can. 

Why Should you use Antioxidants on your lips?

Antioxidants are substances that can aid in protecting your skin’s natural service from daily aggressors, such as free radicals and general environmental factors, like UV and pollution. Typically, they can be found in skin care product formulas because of their powerful anti-aging properties.

Lips aging is a common skincare concern and one that antioxidants fight back on. A typical sign of aging lips is them losing their volume, no longer appearing full and plump. The lips will begin to not be defined, even thinning out and wrinkles start to show around the mouth. In addition, ‘smile lines’ can become slightly more visible and will continue to primarily develop around the sides of the mouth. The Vermilion border, which is the line just above the lip that connects the tissue to the rest of your face, can also see signs of aging. You will notice less definition of this area, as there is a loss of soft tissue, resulting in smaller, thinner lips.

The importance of keeping your lips hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important factors that can slow down the ageing problem. As well as drinking plenty of water, it’s just as vital that you think about your skin, including your lips. 

Remaining hydrated helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. When people drink large amounts of water, they are less likely to suffer from long-lasting skin effects. For example, scars and blemishes. The same goes for ageing, when the skin stays hydrated it’s more likely to bounce back from wrinkles and soft lines. 

Antioxidants provide the skin with hydration, aiding it in staying fresh and increasing the moisture retention. These compounds are damage defenders, preventing skin from being harmed from daily life experiences and preventing premature signs of aging.

Best lip balms and moisturisers for dry lips

If you’re wondering how to have full plump lips, here are some of the best lip moisturizers that we recommend implementing into your everyday skincare routine. 

The Dr Barbara Sturm's unique lip balm contains hardworking antioxidants which are formulated to soothe and hydrate dry, cracked lips. Blended with Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Beeswax, this formula works to replenish softness and elasticity, while the addition of Vitamin E provides an antioxidant barrier. You can apply this product throughout the day, every time your lips feel dry or cracked. By adding this into your daily skincare routine, you will be protecting your lips from the aging effect whilst also keeping them full and plump. 

Another product we suggest is the IS Clinical Youth Lip Elixir. This innovative formula combines the purest and most powerful clinically proven botanical extracts and antioxidants including: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C, E, & B5, Shea & Cocoa Butter. The nourishing creme complex provides intense and penetrative hydration, which plumps and smooths the lip area, helping to redefine the lip contour. This product will provide immediate and long-term benefits, with visual improvements after use. 

If you suffer from dry skin appearing on your lips, you could look at adding a lip polish in your routine, such as the IS Clinical Lip Polish. The gentle yet effective scrub has powerful antioxidants of Vitamin C and E, which have been blended with rich botanical butters. This encourages exfoliation and smooths out lips, leaving them ready for application of lipstick. You can use this product up to three times a week as it aids in giving you full, plump and glowing lips.

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