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SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Toner - 200ml

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Helps Treat: Clogged pores, and the production of excess oil

Feels Like: An exfoliating and purifying toner

Recommended For: Those with ageing skin prone to blemishes and imperfections

SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Toner delivers daily exfoliation that will prime and purify the skin, preventing imperfections and helping you achieve a bright and clear complexion.

The low pH solution of SkinCeuticals exfoliating toner is expertly formulated for skin prone to blemishes, to efficiently remove excess residue and surface skin cells to help decongest pores and prevent future imperfections.

Formulated with a combination of three exfoliating agents: LHA, Glycolic and Salicylic Acids Treatment help to exfoliate and smooth the appearance of irregularities in the skin.

How to Use
Twice daily after cleansing, pour a small amount of SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Toner onto a cotton ball or pad and smooth over the face, neck, and chest.
Key Ingredients
Aqua/Water, Alcohol denat, Glycolic acid, Sodium hydroxide, Sapryloyl salicylic acid, Salicylic acid, D42551/1
Key benefits
  • Clears excess oil and dirt
  • Unclogs pores
  • Prevents impurities
  • Exfoliation removes dead skin cells


Clear, smooth skin that appears balanced with reduced excess oil prodcution and clear pores.



LHA, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acids.


Twice daily, pour a small amount onto a pad and smooth over the face, neck, and chest.



A combination of three exfoliating ingredients helps to buff away dead skin cells.


SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Toner - 200ml FAQ

    • What’s the best way to apply toner?
      • Apply toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe it around your face, neck, and chest. Apply toner after cleansing and moisturize after toning to complete the regimen.
    • Is toner necessary?
      • Toner adds additional benefits to specific skin types, including oily and combination skin types.
    • Does toner help blemishes?
      • Toner can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and minor breakouts when used in your daily skincare routine. Toner is not a long-term solution for acne.
    • What are the benefits of incorporating toner into my skincare routine?
      • Toners are a great way to prep the skin for absorption of any serums or moisturizers that you use as part of your daily routines. It also helps in the reduction of oils for those who suffer from oiler complexion.
    • How do I choose a toner?
      • Depending on your skin type, Oily skin should choose alcohol-free toner that also exfoliates gently, Dry skin should choose a toner that helps hydrate and allows for moisturizer absorption, and Combination or normal skin can use any type, as long as it's an alcohol-free toner.

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